Vivid Video: Clerks XXX - Part 5

Clerks XXX - Part 5

Starring: Allie Haze

Released: Jan 16, 2013
Dvd: Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody
Runtime: 22 min
Categories: Big Dick, Brunette, Deep Throat, Parody, Rough Sex, Small Tits, Teen, Vivid Award Winners, Vivid Girls

Serving you is what they live for! Dana is unhappy with her station in life...and her job as a smut-jockey in a porno store. She's juggling with an ex who cheats and a new boyfriend who's sexuality is a bit more than she can handle. Now she's working on her one day off, dealing with smartass co-worker Randi, a riot of anti-condom crusaders, some customers who can't resist coming all over the peep booths, a gerbil-loving customer, and guy who eats his own cum...and lets you know it. Will she make it through the day, or finally make a change? In 2014 "Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody" won an AVN Award for "BEST SCREENPLAY PARODY". Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Clerks XXX, A Porn Parody IS A PARODY MOVIE. This parody is not sponsored, endorsed by, or approved by Kevin Smith or Miramax Pictures or any person or entity associated with any of them.


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