Vivid Video: Cheap Trixxx - Part 5

Cheap Trixxx - Part 5

Starring: Tati Russo , Taylor Russo

Released: Oct 18, 2011
Dvd: Cheap Trixxx
Runtime: 25 min
Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Blonde, Deep Throat, Petite, Rough Sex, Small Tits, Vivid Girls

Two sets of twins... magically appear! The Amazing Levitato is a down-on-his luck magician working in a cheap magic club with a pair of twins as his assistants. In an attempt to resurrect his career, he brings back the show-stopping "catch a bullet in your teeth" bit...and misses. His beautiful twin assistants Tina and Lydia are to work for Larry's creepy competitor, "The Great Barry." Barry also performs with twins, using their physical duplicity to sell his gags. Now with two sets of twins, Barry will surely dazzle...or not. While sawing the twins in half, the trick goes haywire and he kills the girls inside the box. Mayhem ensues. Barry's career is ruined. But in magic nothing is as it seems. Perhaps they're not really dead...and Levitato isn't either. One thing's for certain: you're going to be treated to an amazing all-girl, all-twin orgy, and an equally scorching four-twin, boy-girl banger! In other words, have no illusion...Cheap Trixx is the real thing.


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