Vivid Celeb: Brittney Jones

Brittney Jones Confidential

Brittney Jones

You read it in the tabloids and saw it on the Hollywood gossip shows: a widely reported, alleged sexual encounter between Brittney Jones, a 21-year old Hollywood beauty, and the superstar husband of one of Hollywood's top young power-couples! Brittney claimed the two met at a trendy, local bowling alley, and later, while the sexy star's wife was away, they made love on a living room couch in his lavish Beverly Hills home... and yes, she had texts to go with her story. Now Vivid has obtained never-before-released video of Brittney having explicit, hardcore sex with a former boyfriend... and it's very clear how this hot, young hardbody could seduce just about anybody... Even in bowling shoes. What could make a superstar stray? The answer's in the tape. Brittney Jones Confidential... the secret is out.

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