Vivid Celeb: Taylor Lianne Chandler

Taylor Lianne Chandler: Going for the Gold

Taylor Lianne Chandler

Intersex is an umbrella term that has replaced hermaphrodite. Think you've seen every freaky sex act ever performed? Think again! Here's alleged Olympic athlete lover and intersex star Taylor Lianne Chandler showing the world how a girl born with both male and female parts fucks and sucks in mind-blowing gold medal hardcore. Blowing way past gender-bender sex, watch Taylor reveal the intimate details about her shocking, kinky acts and then re-enacting the dirty deeds with her swimmer lover in what's left even the most experienced porn hounds slack jawed and in disbelief. See the gorgeous, 5' 8'' babe take her lover's huge cock into her sweet mouth and deep into her new, juicy girl hole. If you really want to get your freak on don't miss the most unique and taboo Vivid Celebrity film ever released. Get in on what's already an overnight XXX sensation!

DISCLAIMER: "THE WORLD'S 1st INTERSEX PORNSTAR TAYLOR LIANNE CHANDLER GOING FOR THE GOLD" is presented to the world as 'fiction' not as a factual account. The video is not affiliated with, not endorsed by, and is not approved by, any athlete or other person, any sport

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