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Sunrise Adams


Sunrise Adams is a blue-eyed, blonde Texan with an all-American look who was nominated for 2002 Starlet of The Year by AVN shortly after she launched her career in adult movies as a Vivid Girl. She comes from great XXX lineage as her aunt is porn performer Sunset Thomas. Sunrise Adams made her XXX debut in 2001 and even garnered a Best Actress nomination by AVN in 2003 before winning Best Oral Sex Scene in 2004 for her role in Vivid's, "Heart of Darkness." Her most recent Vivid titles include, "Perverse," "Slit Happens," and "Sounds of Obsession." Sunrise Adams has attended college, majoring in business and economics, preparing for a career in real estate. Sunrise Adams has done considerable mainstream modeling and acting, but she says, "The adult side of entertainment has always intrigued me and Vivid is an awesome company to work for. Vivid offers me stability and the ability to grow with them. I like knowing that I'm fulfilling people's fantasies and desires, maybe even helping their own romantic relationships." Sunrise Adams has a unique talent other women would envy -- the ability to size up a man immediately. "I can definitely tell if a man is ok by the way he presents himself. For example, I believe that if he constantly feels the need to walk in front of me, he most likely is going to feel that he's superior to me. Also, it may be old-fashioned but I love the door-opening thing, and I think that whether he displays common courtesy says a lot about how romantic a man will be."

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117lbs
Eyes: Blue
Sizes: 34D-27-32
Hair: Blonde


Sunrise Adams Movies

Dreams of Sunrise

Sunrise is back and she's all ours...and all yours. Master lensman Eli Cross takes her through an ultra-stylized psychedelic romp through filth and fantasy, nightmares and nocturnal emissions. Along the way, Kylie stops by for an amazing three-way anal scene, topped only by the full-on facial at the culmination of Sunrise's ball-bursting boy/boy/girl. It's all hot and no plot...just the way you like it. And it's all about Sunrise...ass up, legs spread and gorgeous...just the way you like it.


Sunrise (Annie) is dissatisfied with her sex life, and on the advice of a friend, she becomes an escort...and ends up loving it. What does a proper, married woman do when love just isn't enough? But when sin is? Perhaps one just has to leave for hotel rooms and streets of world of the insatiable. And when you're Sunrise Adams, that's a very erotic proposition..

Sounds Of Obsession

Krista, is the frustrated wife of a radio producer who leaves her every morning to work side-by-side with an ex-porn star and sex-talk radio host. Her husband is distant and not affectionate at home, and is extremely focused on work. Meanwhile, Krista's friends are cheating left and right, and Krista is having fantasies about banging someone else for revenge. It's not surprising that she becomes fixated on the idea that her husband is having an affair. When Krista finally breaks down and gets off with a studio engineer right on the floor of her husband's inner sanctum, the guilt drives Krista towards drastic measures that will ensure her husband's co-host never gets in the way of her home life ever again?

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