RSS news and information /gfx/global/v-logo.gif News en-us Copyright 2010 News <![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR APRIL 28, 2017 ]]> /news/2017-04-28/vivid-studio-insider-for-april-28-2017/ /news/2017-04-28/vivid-studio-insider-for-april-28-2017/  ANNIE CRUZ TAKES THE ANGST OUT OF DATING -- Annie Cruz, host of “The Dirtiest Girl in the World” on, gave some helpful dating tips in her recent #Thirsttrap Thursday feature on  Annie was speaking from experience when she discussed how to achieve dating success, having coached hundreds of men and women through her radio program and in-person sessions and getting feedback from them. She gave tips on how to be approachable and pointed out that if a man or woman doesn’t make the initial move, “You basically take the first thing that comes your way.”  Whether it’s how to approach or be approached, Annie had direct and effective advice that anyone can use. She talked about the importance of smiling, making eye contact and having the right body language.  Annie talked about how to stand out, be unpredictable and different; in other words, how to have personality. She also explained how easy it is to utter those all important first words without being embarrassed.  Finally, Annie urged readers to embrace their sexuality. She reminded us that we are in the Hip Hop age and not the Victorian age. We can take everything at our own pace and we set our own boundaries. Fans can listen to Annie on or on SiriusXM channel 415.

Hip-HopVibe is an urban media giant, providing the hip hop world with the latest interviews, news, rumors, pop culture lifestyle, music videos,, models and DJs.  The site is based in North Carolina and has reporters in New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

 SERGIO GARCIA IS IN THE VIVID RADIO SPORTS SPOTLIGHT FOR MAY -- Vivid Radio and Sports Overnight America, a Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network radio show have selected Masters’ Champion Sergio Garcia to be their Player of the Month on Thursday, May 11h. Garcia will be discussed  from a golfing perspective on the Vivid Radio show Voluptuous Life hosted by April Flores on and SiriusXM channel 415 from 1-2pm PT.  April will then be on Gerrie Burke’s Sports Overnight America show that evening at 11 pm PT, talking about him from a sensual point of view. Gerrie’s show can also be heard on Sirius channel 214 and XM channel 203. 

Winning the Masters at Augusta National on April 9th of this year was a major triumph for the 37-year-old Spanish golfer who was born into a golfing family in Borriol on the east coast of Spain, and has been playing the sport since he was just three.  His father, Victor Garcia, a former professional player, is his teacher and mentor.  Sergio’s mother, Consuelo, was a pro shop manager. “There’s no doubt that Garcia was ready to wear that green jacket,” said Gerrie. “He is a golfer’s golfer as far as I’m concerned.  His duel with Justin Rose at the end of the Masters was a nail biter.  It was great to watch and an example of true sportsmanship.

 THE HITS KEEP ON COMING FOR KIM K SEX TAPE COVERAGE -- There has been still more coverage of the 10th anniversary of Vivid’s Kim K Superstarsex tape showing up on the web. The new flurry of print and internet stories started when published “This Is The Oral History Of The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.”  The article began: “Who knows why this took so long, but finally we have An Oral History of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. Only Page Six is classy enough to have pulled this off. Make sure Kanye doesn’t see this. His mind is in a fragile state.”  The InterroBang story was picked up as the lead story by numerous other outlets, including and  Website seized on the story, too, adding its own snarky comment:  “The oral history of Kim Kardashian's now-legendary sex tape. Oral ...get it? Boy that New York Post is edgy.

 FORMER MET LENNY DIKSTRA HANGING OUT AT VIVID CABARET NYC -- Terez Owens, a closely-followed reporter of New York City night life, reported on a recent visit to Vivid Cabaret by one of the city’s most revered baseball legends.  Terez Owens reported: “Whenever he’s in New York, former Met baseball star Lenny Dykstra can be spotted at VividCabaret New York, the epic three-story gentlemen’s club located at 61 West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan. While enjoying the sights from the 2nd Floor VIP Ultra Lounge, Dykstra told the lovely Vivid Cabaret girls there’s a reality TV show in the works about him and his endeavors, and some of the Vivid Cabaret NYC girls will appear on the show. ‘Lenny is outrageous,’ cooed Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Francesca. ‘His book, House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge, was a bestseller. I’m sure his TV show will be huge too. I’m glad that he’ll be using some of our girls in the show!’ Vivid Cabaret NYC features the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 feet tall), and the ultimate in VIP services, plus a menu designed by acclaimed Executive Chef Franklin Edwards. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, and the new Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar, both located just four blocks away on West 33rd between Fifth Avenue and Broadway. Lenny is still as tough as nails!” 


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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR APRIL 7, 2017]]> /news/2017-04-07/vivid-studio-insider-for-april-7-2017/ /news/2017-04-07/vivid-studio-insider-for-april-7-2017/

 MAJOR COVERAGE ON KIM K SUPERSTAR SEX TAPE -- Major media coverage continues of the 10th anniversary of the release of the Kim K Superstar sex tape from Vivid. Star Magazine featured the story with a picture of the Vivid cover and the headline: “Kim’s Sex Tape: Porn to Be Famous, 10-Year Anniversary.”  The story read in part: “It was the sex tape that launched an unknown hanger-on and her family into the celebrity stratosphere and changed the face of pop culture—for better of worse. In the Sping of 2007 Vivid Entertainment released a 41-minute X-rated video, shot by a young couple four years earlier during a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.”   The story also quoted Steven Hirsch as saying, “Millions of people have seen it, and it’s by far our bestselling tape of all time…We knew we were onto something when we first set eyes on Kim—and the video helped make her the sensation she is today.”  The New York Post carried a major storyon the 10th anniversary of the tape’s release.  The Post story and various spinoffs quickly spread to hundreds of other newspapers and websites worldwide. The article by Oli Coleman runs for more than 4,300 words, a huge story by Post standards.  It included previously unpublished information about the origins and marketing of the sex tape, plus extensive quotes from Stevenand many notable sources, including Perez Hilton, journalist Ben Widdicombe, entertainment industry attorney Clyde DeWitt, and many others. Coleman wrote: In 2007, ten years ago this month, the tapes that Kardashian and Ray J made were released to the public by Vivid Entertainment as Kim Kardashian, Superstar, a 41-minute movie. Kardashian had initially sued to prevent it from being released, but ultimately settled the suit. It is no exaggeration to say that in the ten years since, Kardashian has transformed American culture. This is the story of that movie, beginning in the months leading up to its release.”   The article includes this quote from Steven: “Someone just called the office one day and said, ‘We have some footage of a celebrity.’ Somebody took the call and we set up a time to talk. The person brought it in and they had the footage on this computer and they came in with this big, like, rolling suitcase and they unpacked all of it. It was a production. I remember thinking, ‘Oh wow. This person’s prepared.’ Usually you just get the footage and we’d put it into one of our edit bays but it in this case it was very much compact and all together. I think they just wanted to be in control the whole time… It wasn’t that they were representing the people in the video. It definitely wasn’t. Because Kim was not involved in it. It was that these people had the footage and were looking to sell it.”  Coleman also quotes Steven as saying: “It took a little bit of research to figure out what was going on with her family, and she was Bruce Jenner‘s stepdaughter and her father represented OJ Simpson and then I did some research on Ray J and saw that people knew who he was but that his sister [the singer and actress Brandy] was very well known. So there were these pieces that came together and I thought, ‘Wow. This is super interesting.’ Everybody would sort of in some way be connected to her because they knew somebody who was an intimate part of her life… The next step was trying to get a deal done. She wasn’t involved in that. It was trying to get a deal done with the people who had the footage. They had guaranteed that we would be able to distribute it. I questioned that as time went on… I think we announced we had the footage, and that’s when we started getting legal letters from Kim’s attorney.”  Coleman concludes his story be writing:  “Kim Kardashian, Superstar has been viewed online more than 150 million times and has made over $50 million. In October (Vivid) released Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience, a 3D virtual reality film featuring a Kim Kardashian lookalike. Vivid has named March 2017 as Kim K. Sex Tape Month.”  Among the countless media picking up on the 10th anniversary story were The Daily Mail of London, TMZ, The Star of Australia, the Huffington Post,Perez Hilton, Scoopnest, and BarStoolSports, The Hollywood  Gossip¸Hot New Hip Hop and many more. 

VIVIDRADIO.COM AND CHATURBATE CREATE THE VIVID ADVENTURES LIVE BROADCAST SERIES -- Vivid Adventures, a new get-close-to-fans series from Vivid Radio and Chaturbate, is traveling across the United States visiting the largest event series dedicated to sex and sexuality, the Exxxotica ExposThe new series is a joint venture of and the world's most popular free, live-cam site Chaturbate. Vivid Adventures will journey to all three Exxxotica Expo stops scheduled for 2017, starting last week with Exxxotica Mile High in Denver and followed by Exxxotica Summer Heat in Chicago and Exxxotica XXXL in Edison, New Jersey. Broadcasts from the expos are being aired on Vivid and on SiriusXM Channel 415.  Vivid Adventures launched the weekend of March 31, as Vivid Radio broadcast live from the Chaturbate booth at Exxxotica Mile High. Hosts Annie Cruz, Aiden Starr, Tanya Tate, Joanna Angel and Kiki D’Aire are interviewing popular adult stars, Chaturbate personalities and fans attending the expos. "I'm thrilled that Vivid Radio is attending Exxxotica and that we get to hang out with all the super sexy Chaturbate cam girls.” Chaturbate Chief of Operations Shirley Lara added: “Vivid Adventures makes for great radio with the fantastic lineup of Vivid hosts broadcasting live from our booth.

STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED ON MISCHA BARTON SEX TAPE SENSATION -- The celebrity media was buzzing recently about an alleged sex tape featuring The O.C. actress Mischa Barton, which was apparently being shopped with a starting price of $500,000. was on top of the story and had exclusive quotes from Vivid chief Steven Hirsch.  The story began: “Uh oh. A sex tape featuring The O.C. actress Mischa Barton is allegedly being shopped around Hollywood with a starting rate of $500k, according to an explosive report on March 13. This shocking news comes weeks after her public meltdown.”  The story went on to say: “Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, the leader in celebrity sex tapes, told EXCLUSIVELY his thoughts on the potential tape saying, ‘My understanding is that Mischa Barton hasn’t confirmed that the tape is actually of her and media reports are only saying that it looks like her. I think I would wait to bid on it until there is actual confirmation. We only deal with reputable brokers and this sounds more like a publicity play.’”  A follow-up story reported: “Mischa Barton has confirmed that her alleged sex tape exists in a shocking new video from March 15. Now, she is bravely taking on her ‘revenge pornography’ peddler.”  It then refers to its original interview with Steven, noting: “We should have seen this coming as Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, the leader in celebrity sex tapes told his thoughts on the situation EXCLUSIVELY to when he stated, “My understanding is that Mischa Barton hasn’t confirmed that the tape is actually of her and media reports are only saying that it looks like her. I think I would wait to bid on it until there is actual confirmation. We only deal with reputable brokers and this sounds more like a publicity play.’”

 VIRTUAL REALITY REPORTER INTERVIEWS MICHAEL H. KLEIN -- Leading trade publication Virtual Reality Reporter interviewed Vivid’s broadcast chief Michael H. Klein, focusing on ”the current and future state of VR porn as an industry.  Michael outlined the current status of and said its “goal is t add new content every month to make it a robust offering for all the subscribers.”  Asked how the “the popular Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience came about?” Michael replied: “Both 3x Studios and Vivid mutually decided that repurposing the legendary Kim K sex tape, Kim Kardashian Superstar, in VR would be a fun and unique twist on our debut release in virtual reality. In a way, it’s like mixing older technology with the new. 3x proposed the idea that we use green screen tech to emulate a model 

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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR MARCH 3, 2017]]> /news/2017-03-03/vivid-studio-insider-for-march-3-2017/ /news/2017-03-03/vivid-studio-insider-for-march-3-2017/  VIVID DECLARES MARCH “KIM K SEX TAPE MONTH” -- Vivid is marking the 10th anniversary of the debut of Kim Kardashian SuperStar, the internationally famous sex tape that helped launch her leap to stardom, by declaring March as Kim K Sex Tape Month. Vivid chief Steven Hirsch announced the celebration by saying: "I don't think anyone could have foreseen what a spectacular success this tape has become.  It's our best selling tape of all time, and its sales continue to jump each time Kim gets back in the headlines, which is mostly all the time. There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian SuperStar played a significant role in turning a little known personality into a household name." Steven added that "while Vivid has distributed lots of other celebrity sex tapes, this is the one that will remain part of pop culture history. So far we've had over 150-million online views of scenes from the movie and that number continues to grow as the VividTV network grows internationally.”  Every day during the Kim K Sex Tape Month celebration fans who buy a one month membership to will get the second month free and they will be able to watch any of Vivid's exclusive celebrity tapes from Kim Kardashian, to Pam Anderson, Farrah Abraham and many others.

RadarOnline also broke two stories about previously unknown footage from the original Kim/RayJ video shoot being discovered.  RadarOnline first published a teaser story, with screen grabs from the video.  This was followed by an article by RadarOnline Entertainment Editor Alexis Tereszcuk, which began with this headline: “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Raw & X-Rated! Secret Kim Kardashian Porn UNCOVERED In Vivid Vaults; Watch the clip the reality star never thought that fans would see!” Tereszcuk’s story went on to say: “It’s an explosive discovery that will ROCK Kim Kardashian‘s marriage to Kanye West". has exclusively obtained never-before-seen footage from her infamous sex tape.”   Noting that the tape “that launched Kardashian’s career was first released ten years ago this month” the story says the footage “that didn’t make it into the original tape shows Kardashian unguarded, unedited, and unbelievably raunchy. ‘Somebody has to film it … we ain’t got no director!’ Ray J says to the camera as then-girlfriend Kardashian laughs. The erotic video continues with Ray ‘directing’ Kardashian in a series of lewd poses. The anniversary of the release of the sex tape is a cause for celebration for Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch, who sent a message to Kardashian via Radar exclusively. ‘I can’t believe it’s been 10 years,’ Hirsch said. ‘I hope you’re as happy as we are with the last ten years. Congratulations on all your success.’”

The story began: “10 Years Ago, Kim Kardashian Turned a Sex Tape Into a Business Empire. Instead of letting her sex tape destroy her, Kim Kardashian rose from it like a phoenix from the ashes.”  Writer Ilana Kaplan also says, “While many of the Kardashian family’s media moves have been carefully calculated, the one that seemingly wasn’t was the release of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J 10 years ago this month. At 22 years old, Kim was living her life as a young adult exploring her sexuality with her then boyfriend, Ray J, an R&B singer and Brandy’s little brother. In a private moment, the couple made a sex tape—something for their eyes only. Today, it’s impossible to go anywhere without hearing about Kim or the Kardashian/Jenner clan. But while the tape was Kim’s first taste of real fame, it’s not what has sustained her in the public eye. It isn’t representative of the business she’s built. She worked hard to get people to see beyond the tape. And 10 years later, it’s obvious she’s succeeded.”  The lengthy story goes on to say: While some might view Kim as opportunistic, the way that she played her career, using a sex tape that hurt her personally and hurt her image, was smart as hell. It was a violation of her privacy, and it tarnished her name initially, but Kim rose above it all. The tape has followed Kim throughout her time in the public eye, but at this point, it doesn’t matter: she’s proved herself as savvier than we give her credit for, over and over again.”

 VIVID HAS “GOT YOU COVERED” ON CELEB SEX TAPES -- The headline on popular pop culture website ShortAndSweetNYC read: “Celebrating the Anniversary of “Kim Kardashian Superstar.”  The story by writer Ralph Greco asked, “Did you happen to know that March marks the 10th anniversary of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape and did you also happen to know that the actual name of Kim’s sex tape is Kim Kardashian Superstar. As Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment told me, there is also The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience, which his company released last October on Recognizing this most significant event in the world of adult entertainment, I happened to speak with Mr. Hirsch about that original sex tape, the celebration of it and sex tapes in general.”  Greco asked Steven, “When one considers how much of K.K. and her ilk we see daily on Instagram and Twitter in various stages of undress, do you find it odd that the appetite for celeb sex tapes hasn’t seemed to have decreased?”  Steven’s reply: “If anything, the appetite is international and as we are currently expanding VividTV in Europe we are finding that they love our celebrity sex tapes too. We are searching for the French Kim Kardashian, the Polish Kim Kardashian, etc.”  Greco also asked, “Are there more celeb tapes in the Vivid vault that have never been released and might be some day?” Steven’s reply:  “Because these tapes are genuine, we can’t schedule them in advance. We might distribute five in one year and two the next. But there are more and there will be more. The public just loves to see celebrities in the nude and having sex.”  Greco ended his story by writing: “Whether you find sex tapes ‘good,’ your favorite kind of porn or just a passing curiosity, it seems Vivid Entertainment has got you covered for this kind of stuff…and of course so much more. I thank Mr. Hirsch for his time, and as always applaud this man who gave us so much and continues to break new ground with sex tapes, Vivid TV, Vivid Radio and all that he does over at”

 WIDE MEDIA INTEREST IN NEW FOOTAGE STORY -- Both the announcement of the “Kim K Sex Tape Month” and the RadarOnline story were picked up widely around the world by outlets such as OK, and many more. The OK story carried the “Secret Kim Kardashian Porn Uncovered In Vivid Vaults!” headline. Mr. Skin story on read in part:  “It is hard to believe that it has been ten whole years since Kim Kardashian, Superstar hit the internet and store shelves worldwide but here we are. This movie, which came after the Paris Hilton sex tape 1 Night In Paris, is most definitely the top selling celebrity sex tape of all time and it turned Kim Kardashian (now Mrs. Kayne West) into a household name and ultimately a top fashion/accessory brand.

ATLANTA BLOG MENTIONS MIMI’S VIVID SEX TAPE -- A popular blog written this week by Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Rodney Ho mentioned Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, Vivid’s Mimi Faust sex tape. The headline on the blog entry was: “Mimi Faust dishes about season 6 of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ with an eye roll.”   He wrote: “Say what you will about Mimi Faust but she knows how the ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ game works and isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it entering her sixth season of reality show silliness. (VH1’s top-rated show returns Monday, March 6.).  Mimi is well aware that much of what goes on is trumped up for the VH1 cameras, that there is a certain amount of staginess to the entire affair. The show also seems to reward cheaters and liars with more camera time. She has had her own share of headline-making antics on the show, grappling with her ex Stevie J and his wackadoodle on-and-off girlfriend Joseline Hernandez, creating a (Vivid) sex tape with Nikko Smith and lying about it, then engaging in a surprise same-sex relationship season five. Mimi told me in an interview that she is dating someone, but she is refusing to let said person be on camera. She said placing her romances on camera has not been conducive to healthy interactions, that she is willing to risk the wrath of the show producers.”  

 VIVID PARTNERSHIP WITH 3X STUDIOS FOR NEW VIRTUAL REALITY PLATFORM -- Vivid Entertainment has announced its partnership with top gaming and virtual reality content developer h3X Studios to offer industry-leading VR content on a new platform at  The news was reported widely by both adult and tech industry sites throughout the world.   Vivid has been into virtual reality since the release last fall of The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience, which allows viewers to experience a Kim Kardashian

look-alike climbing out of the screen and joining viewers in their beds. The experience was developed by 3x Studios and went on to attract international headlines. 3X Studios leaders are no strangers innovation, having worked on blockbuster games such as Transformers, Guitar Hero, and Spiderman.  Bill Asher, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, says: “3X Studios was a natural fit with Vivid. We knew that with our content and 3X’s technology, the virtual reality

experience would be elevated to a whole new level, completely surpassing our competitors. We’ve seen significant mainstream consumer adoption in VR over the past year coupled with a substantial decrease in the average price point of headsets. VR is now mainstream and for anyone to enjoy; not just gamers or more tech-savvy folks.” Adam Block, co-founder and CEO of 3X Studios. Added: “Our goal is to redefine what adult entertainment can be. With our background in gaming we are confident that Vivid fans will be blown away at the content we’re producing and appreciate our emphasis on high quality and stunning immersion.” offers several subscription packages and is compatible with all major VR devices, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlaystationVR, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Apple iOS. The new platform includes a robust content library which includes videos such as The Babysitter, My Husband Is Out of Town, The Full Body Massage, Dolly Loves When You Watch and My Stepbrother starring adult sensations Dolly Leigh and Cherie Deville. (Disclaimer:  The Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience incorporates footage from the all-time best selling sex tape Kim Kardashian Superstar.  Kim Kardashian does not appear in any new footage.) The story was appeared in both adult media and such tech outlets as The Virtual Reality Reporter, WorldTechMag, 3DVRCentral, NoCommentDiary with more coverage to come

 ANNIE CRUZ INTERVIEWS JESSICA ST. JOHN FOR HIP-HOP VIBE -- Vivid Radio host Annie Cruz interviewed popular alternative model Jessica St. John recently for her regular column. While she still models, Jessica told Annie In the latest #ThirstTrapThursday edition that her biggest passion now is canine training, which she called “an amazing experience.” Asked what she most admires in a man, Jessica said: “Strength, not just bodily, but of mind. Confidence that you can actually see, but isn’t false to cover up a low self esteem. Passion, not just in a sexual sense but towards what he believes in and life. Pecs help, LOL.”  The column ended with an invitation to “catch Annie Cruz on Vivid Radio, Sirius XM channel 415 hosting “The Dirtiest Girl in the World” from 1:00 to 2:00 pm and on”




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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR FEBRUARY 3, 2017]]> /news/2017-02-03/vivid-studio-insider-for-february-3-2017/ /news/2017-02-03/vivid-studio-insider-for-february-3-2017/  VIVID RADIO HOSTS HELP ASKMEN.COM  SELECT THE BEST SEX TOYS – When AskMenwriter Jeremy Glass wanted to know about female sex toys, he went right to the source – Vivid Radio hosts. He has posted a story on the highly rated with the headline:  “Porn Stars Reveal Their Favorite Sex Toys… And They're Surprising.”  Glass writes, “Masturbation is a topic not broached with ease. You can’t just go up to a friend and ask them how they get off — unless you have some really good friends. On top of that, where do you find a sex toy that best fits your needs? When you have queries about sex, you gotta go to the experts: porn stars. While not every adult actress is as freaky and adventurous as our imaginations lead us to believe, the ones below all have something in common: they love masturbating. To answer the age old question, “how do porn stars get off when they’re alone?” we went straight to the source and asked our favorite ladies from Vivid Radio (and elsewhere) to tell us about their favorite sex toys..”  For example, he quotes Aiden Starr as saying:   “My favorite sex toy is the Magic Wand! It's a magical robot lover that can get you off again and again after you've worn your partner out!”   Agreeing, Annie Cruz said: "My  favorite sex toy is the Magic Wand. I don't know any woman that doesn't like it, and I never travel without it! I've lost one in a hotel in another city, and I broke one, while I was in London. I just use it A LOT. I use it so much I have to watch myself, as I can desensitize myself (temporarily) if I use it too often. It's my go-to toy for self-gratification sessions, and to be honest, I've been known to lose myself with it — an hour will pass, and I've already had 8-10 fantastic Os. Aside from that, I love utilizing it when with a partner. The combination of clitoral and internal sensations (blended orgasms as they're appropriately and actually called) is exhilarating and euphoric, leaving me in a post-orgasmic bliss every time."  April Flores had a different choice:  “My favorite sex toy is the Njoy Pure Wand. This has been my favorite toy for many years now. It is made out of hand-polished stainless steel. It is smooth and feels so wonderful as it enters me! The curved design makes it hit my G-spot in the most perfect way. There is also some weight to the toy and I sometimes play with that aspect of it by letting it fall into me. Since it is made out of steel, it often starts off cold and slowly heats up to my body temperature. This is a sensation I truly enjoy. I love this thing!”

 MORE INTERNATIONALCOVERAGE MENTIONS KIM K/RAY J TAPE -- International Business Times (IBTimes), a leading provider of business news and current events from the U.S. and around the world, is the latest media outlet to cover the Kim Kardashian/Ray J controversy. The headline on the IBTimes story by Keerthi Mohan reads: “Kim Kardashian's sex tape: As a man I tried to play my part in the situation, says Ray J.”  She writes: “The sex tape Kim Kardashian made with then boyfriend Ray J was instrumental in catapulting her to stardom, and in a recent interview the rapper revealed that he just played a part in making her famous. During an interview, Ray J was asked about Kardashian's obsession with fame, and he replied: ‘I only did my part [in making her famous]. As a man I tried to play my part in the situation. If you're intelligent you can read between the lines.’ The sex tape was made in 2003 and it leaked online in 2007. Rumors doing the rounds at the time blamed Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner for leaking it to make her daughter famous.

Shortly after the sex tape was released, Kardashian signed a $5 million settlement with Vivid Entertainment despite threatening to sue the company, and according to a new book called Kardashian Dynasty by Ian Halperin, it was all orchestrated by Jenner. ‘A mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go,; an adult industry source was quoted as saying in the book. ‘Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand.’ Another friend of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said: ‘It was Kris who engineered the deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day.’  But according to a Vivid Entertainment representative, the sex tape was offered for sale by someone from outside Kardashian's circle. ‘A third party brought it to Vivid. [We] got in touch with the Kardashian family,’ the representative was quoted as saying in Kardashian Dynasty.´ 

The media coverage continued to mention the Vivid Celeb tape, even after Ray J quit Celebrity Big Brother. An example is the recent story in The Mirror of London in which the headline says:  “Who is Ray J? Everything you need to know about the Celebrity Big Brother  housemate who quit. The singer who appeared in Kim Kardashian's sex tape left the CBB show in the first week.”  The Mirror story goes on to say: “The rapper - famous for appearing in a sex tape with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star - was also rumored to be paid a $30,000 allowance for flights and hotels for his time outside of the house…But Ray J is most famous for his 2007 sex tape with Kim - who he dated from 2003 to 2006.

He reportedly made $50k in the week after her nude pictures for Paper magazine sparked a desire to see a bit more – driving people to watch the porno, Kim K Superstar. Since 2006 it's thought Ray J has been making $90k every three months from the tape.  According to president of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch – the increase in sales now makes it the biggest selling celeb sex tape of all time, surpassing that of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.”  

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 FALCONS’ QB MATT  RYAN IS IN THE VIVID RADIO SPORTS SPOTLIGHT FEBRUARY 3rd -- Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback Matt Ryan is heading to the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb.5  but first he will be the subject of The Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight  on Friday, Feb. 3.  Legendary adult superstar Christy Canyon will be joined by Gerrie Burke, host of Sports OvernightAmerica, during her and SiriusXM Channel 415 program, The Christy Canyon Showat noon PT on Feb. 3. Then, at 11pm PT that evening Christy will make a guest appearance on Burke’s show on the Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network and they will again focus on Ryan, whose nickname is “Matty Ice.”  Burke will give his views on the cool athletic side of the Falcon’s mega star, while Christy will talk about why the ladies think Ryan is so hot. Gerrie says “Ryan has a lot riding on a victory next Sunday.  His potential contract extension with the Falcons could make him the NFL’s highest paid player. But to get there he has to win the Falcon’s first Super Bowl in franchise history.”  Christy says, “I love a guy with ‘Ice’ in his nickname. You just know it’s going to be so much fun to warm him up.”

 VIVID IN THE NEWS IN EUROPE -- VividCeleb and Steven Hirsch are in the news in Europe these days. Mainstream French website Bluewin wrote that Vivid “has decided to extend its empire to France” by distributing celebrity sex tapes and broadcasting them on European VividTV channels. The website quoted Steven as saying, "France is a wonderful country whose capital is known to be the city of love, which is a good starting point for us.  We are delighted with the opportunities in France for our celebrity sex tapes, since we are already aware of their popularity through their success on VividTV. This makes France a very important market for our company." Bluewin noted that Vivid always makes sure it has the legal right to distribute its sex tapes. It quoted Steven as saying, “We never market videos without the consent of the parties involved. We are talking with some celebrities (in Europe) for the simple reason that they want to make a sex-tape with us. In fact, they are comfortable with the process because making a tape is their idea from the start.”  He told Bluewin that in some cases the company is offered videos that have already been made. “ We then contact the celebrities involved to obtain their agreement for distribution. With Kim Kardashian and Ray J, as well as with Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, a third party brought us the video.  We contacted the celebrities and explained the financial benefits of working with our distribution network, as opposed to letting the video be distributed on the web via a site which people can view free of charge.” Steven also told Bluewin that “some celebrities may have created the tapes of their frolics for their personal use, but a copy of the video somehow was obtained without their permission. These celebrities may not be comfortable with the situation, but we try to help them realize how they can still take advantage of it financially."

Noting that Kim’s fame increased after Vivid distributed her sex tape, Bluewin asked Steven if Vivid “will soon be distributing sex tapes of French stars?”  His reply: "We believe that there are celebrities in France who will be able to see the benefit that a sex-tape distributed and marketed by Vivid can bring them.” Bluewin concluded its story:“Who will be the first French celebrity with a sex-tape distributed by Vivid? The answer will come soon, says the founder of Vivid Entertainment.”

 MORE RAY J / KIM K COVERAGE -- There was continuing coverage of Ray J’s ongoing very public comments about his Vivid sex tape with Kim Kardashian. The headline in a recent Daily Mail story read:  'You might know me for my d**k!' Shameless Ray J turns the air blue as he boasted about  the Kim Kardashian sex tape within SECONDS of arriving on Celebrity Big Brother (UK).”   And a story on began:  “Kim Kardashian has moved on from her sex tape days with ex Ray J, but it doesn't seem like the newly married Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star has done the same. According to Us Magazine, Ray J, who up until recently was a contestant on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother, boasted about the tape during an episode of the show and even urged folks to go out and buy it to "put some money" in his pocket.   There was also more recent coverage  of the Ray J/Kim K controversy on 


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 APRIL FLORES INTERVIEWED BY ANNIE CRUZ ON HIP-HOPVIBE.COM -- host Annie Cruz is also a monthly columnist for the popular www.Hip site. She used her #ThirstTrap Thursdays column in January to feature an interview with curvy erotic performer and author April Flores, who is also a fellow host. April is the author of Fat Girl, a book co-authored with her late husband Carlos Batts and published by Rare Bird Books. It represents a 12-year collaboration of the two as model and photographer. In the Hip-Hopvibe interview April talked about how she entered the adult industry with the intention of the experience being a “one time thing.” But, she stayed in the business because she found that she really loved performing sex in front of the camera and because “it allowed me to represent a larger-bodied person owning her sexuality…I wanted to inspire other fat women to feel beautiful and desired in the bodies they are in now.” April also says that music plays a huge role in her life . She talks about the kind of music she listens to throughout the day, the music that turns her on, and her favorite hip hop artists: Kool Keith, A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu. The interview also included this exchange: Annie: “We know you have a show The Voluptuous Life on . What can our readers expect when they tune in to the show?”  April: “Obviously, I discuss sex! I like to draw from my real life experiences and its always sexy and fun. I often have guests on and its a good way to find out about your favorite performer. I take calls so listeners can also ask my guests questions and I pretty much do anything they want. I have also been doing shows that are informative. I encourage everyone to tune in and join the discussion, providing you like to talk about sex!” Annie Cruz is not just a sought after adult performer, she’s also an amateur boxer and wrestler. Her show, The Dirtiest Girl in the World, is heard each Monday on Vivid Radio from 1-2 pm PT.

 VIVID SEX TAPES LEAD THE TMZ “SAGA” LIST -- Movies distributed by Vivid capture the most attention in a listing of attention-grabbing celebrity sex tapes compiled by TMZ. Heading the TMZ list is The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, about which TMZ wrote in 2015: “Courtney Stodden LOVES ice cream -- well, parts of her really love ice cream ... as the world is about to find out when her sex tape hits the open market today ahead of schedule.…” Also on the list is Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, of which TMZ wrote: "’Love & Hip Hop’ star Mimi Faust is finally making love not war -- in a BRAND NEW VIVID SEX TAPE -- and her partner in slime is her co-star and BF from the reality show.” TMZ wrote of Tila Tiquila: Backdoored and Squiriting: “IT'S OFFICIAL: Tila Tequila has multiple personalities ... at least in her brand new Vivid sex tape ... and in this clip, you'll meet Ashley, Tila's English speaking ass-flashing alter ego.” A final entry on the TMZ list is Kendra Exposed: The Kendra Wilkenson Sex Tape. Of this film, TMZ wrote: “As for Kendra's co-star, Vivid president Steven Hirsch tells us the mystery man (appearing with Kendra in the movie) was the former Playmate's boyfriend at the time -- definitely not Hef nor her husband Hank Baskett.

 THE MIRROR SAYS RAY J NEEDS A “NEW ACT” -- The feud between Kim Kardashian and Ray J kept percolating last week when U.S. television host Wendy Williams turned up the heat, saying she was “fed up with Ray J using Kim to make money from their infamous sex tape.” This year marks the 10 th anniversary of the release by Vivid of Kim Kardashian Superstar, which continues to be a best seller around the world. According to The Mirror, chat show host Williams “sided with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star after learning that Ray J was being paid a reported $1million to star in Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Wendy revealed that while he didn't get the million bucks (because he left the show suffering from dental problems), he did manage to get paid in the high six figures. ‘That's a win,’ she said. ‘I'm sure that they probably shot what they wanted from him anyway.’ she said.”

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 VIVID SEX TAPE IN THE NEWS AS RAY J’S APPEARANCE ON BRITISH CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER MAKES HEADLINES -- The Vivid Celeb sex tape Kim Kardashian Superstar was mentioned in the British tabloids this week in connection with Ray J’s appearance on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s the headline on the story in The Sun: “Celebrity Big Brother viewers accuse Ray J of making another dig at Kanye West with controversial song choice after joking about Kim Kardashian sex tape." The story by Joshua Fox said in part: “After joking about his famous Vivid Celeb sex tape with Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian the American rapper then entered the house while his track ‘I Hit It First’ blasted across the set. Ray J joked: ‘People want to know about my sex tape with Kim Kardashian.’ He then proceeded to laugh as a screenshot appeared on screen.

The rapper then urged people to ‘buy it’ and “put some money in my pocket.’” One headline in The Mirror story read: “Ray J Talks Kim Kardashian Sex Tape in Explosive Celebrity Big Brother Entrance: "You'll Remember Me from My D**k." The story added, “Ray then added how surprised he is some people still haven't seen his sexual escapades with Kim K. He said: ‘Go download it, you'll put some more money in my pocket!’” Another story in The Mirror said: “Ray J is most famous for his 2007 sex tape with Kim - who he dated from 2003 to 2006. In an interview following the sex tape leak, he claimed Kris Jenner's daughter vagina smelled, and even said he went to a doctor about the issue before confronting Kim about it. ‘I went to the doctor and asked the doctor, 'Is it me? Check me first. Okay, I'm good? What’s up with my girlfriend's coochie?'’ he says. ‘It's ridiculous! When I told Kim K, that was it. The next day, the p***y was fresh.’ He reportedly made $50k in the week after her nude pictures for Paper magazine sparked a desire to see a bit more – driving people to watch the porno, Kim K Superstar. Since 2006 it's thought Ray J has been making $90k every three months from the tape. According to president of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsch – the increase in sales now makes it the biggest selling celeb sex tape of all time, surpassing Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s one.” Other coverage included TMZ, which wrote: “Doesn't sound like he's keeping up with the Kardashians all that much anymore ... but he does have some thoughts on the retro bedroom kink.” And popular website IBTimes included this reference in its story: “In late April 2007, Kardashian dropped the suit and settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5m.”

  AIPDAILY LOOKS BACK AT SOME VIVID CELEB MOVIES -- Vivid Celeb movies were featured recently in a story in The story began: “For about 20 years celebrity sex tapes have created major buzz in society. Before that tapes would occasionally see the light of day but with the wide availability of internet access for the home and file sharing services the sex tape boom would soon begin. There have been multiple companies that have released celebrity sex tapes over the years but the one that stands out is Vivid. So at the end of this year why don’t we look back at my top 10 Vivid Celebrity Sex Tapes, in no particular order. Among the movies mentioned were Montana, starring Montana Fishburne; Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, in which the VH1 Sex & Hip Hop stars “made quite the splash with this well made sex tape;” Shauna Sand Exposed starring former Playboy model Shauna Sands; Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX; Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, which “is exclusively masturbation clips made by Courtney for her husband;” Sunny Side Up, starring Tammy Lynn Stych; Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, one of two releases starring Farrah Abraham; Brittney Jones Confidential, “this young brunette is a delight to watch;” Janine and Vince Neil: Hardcore and Uncensored, “being the second big sex tape to come out it holds a special place in the pantheon of celebrity sex tapes;” Kim K Superstar, “the catalyst for most of the other videos on this list.“

 THE 2017 RESOLUTIONS OF VIVID CABARET GIRLS -- Some of the hot exotic dancers at Vivid Cabaret in New York City have revealed their 2017 New Year’s resolutions, in a story posted by journalist Max Smith on the popular GuyJest blog. He writes: “At red hot Vivid Cabaret New York, home of the city’s tallest stripper pole, Vivid Cabaret New York girl Angela reveals her resolution to get a stock broker’s license. ‘I’ve been studying for the exam for a few months. I’m almost ready to conquer Wall Street!’ Vivid Cabaret girl Veronica is also focused on finance, but in a different way. ‘Everyone says my butt’s so tight, you can bounce a quarter off it,’ coos Veronica. ‘Well, I’m shooting higher. I want you to be able to bounce a dollar off it.’

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 VIVID NAMES ITS ANNUAL “TEN HOTTEST COUPLES WISH LIST” -- Vivid has announced its seventh annual “Ten Hottest Couples Wish List” of celebrities it would like to add to its wildly popular sex tape series in 2017. Of the ten couples chosen, two are members of British royalty:   Prince William and Kate Middleton (in the #1 spot, as they were in 2012 and 2013) and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (who join the list for the first time, earning the #5 spot).  Other newcomers to the list are Russell Wilson and Ciara, who married last October, plus Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.  Miley was on the list in 2014, but with another partner, Patrick Schwarzenegger. In announcing the 2017 list, Vivid chief Steven Hirsch said:  “Kate and William have reappeared at the top of our list for the third time because of their enduring hotness. Their ongoing romance is admired in every corner of our planet. And Prince Harry, with his slightly scandalous reputation, seems to have finally focused on one woman, the American Meghan Markle. Together they’ve quickly ascended in popularity and we think making a movie or a VividTV show starring Harry and Meghan would have tremendous appeal with our younger fans,” Mr. Hirsch added. Vivid’s complete “Top Ten Hottest Couples Wish List” follows:

1. Prince William and Princess Katherine

2. Russell Wilson and Ciara

3. Jay Z and Beyonce

4. Kim and Kanye

5. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

6. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

7. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

8. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

9. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

10. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

The announcement of the 2017 list made headlines immediately.  Hollywood Life reported it this way: “Let’s talk about sex, baby! Vivid has released its notorious ‘Ten Hottest Couples Wish List’ for 2017 and has the exclusive full list! Check out who the hot newcomers are and the couple that continues to reign supreme!  Literally.  Vivid Entertainment, best known for releasing celebrity sex tapes, including that of Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham, has released their highly anticipated “Ten Hottest Couples Wish List” of 2017. The adult film company shared their list of celeb couples they’d like to add to their popular sex tape series EXCLUSIVELY with See who made the cut!”

Media far and wide has covered the Wish List story again this year, including, The Toronto Sun,, MiniTrends.Club, and many others around the world.

 MONIQUE ALEXANDER TO BE INDUCTED INTO THE AVN HALLOF FAME -- Former Vivid Girl Monique Alexander will be inducted into The AVN Hall of Fame, an honor that will be bestowed in Las Vegas on January 21 at the AVN Awards Show. In announcing the induction, AVN said: “One of the most sought-after performers of her generation, Monique Alexander is a former Vivid Girl who started her career in adult in 2001. A stripper in her hometown of Sacramento at age 18, Monique soon began shooting for men’s magazines and started her porn career only doing girl/girl scenes. But that didn’t prevent the gorgeous blonde from being in high demand as she signed an exclusive contract with Sin City in 2001. In January 2002, Monique was a Trophy Girl at the AVN Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. And in late 2004 she became a Vivid Girl, performing in the first boy/girl scene of her career with Rocco Siffredi as part of her Vivid contract. That electric coupling appears in the 2005 movie Lexie & Monique Love Rocco. She later won the AVN's 2009 Best Couples Sex Scene award for her boy/girl pairing with Mr. Marcus in the Vivid feature Cry Wolf. Her accolades also include Best All-Girl Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene-Film from the 2008 AVN Awards. To date she has performed in more than 420 adult films. Monique over the years has enjoyed numerous mainstream crossover opportunities, such as making cameo appearances as a porn star on the TV show Entourage and in the 2009 movie Crank: High Voltage; and acting in B-movies on HBO and Cinemax. In addition, Alexander has appeared on Conan O'Brien’s show and Oprah; had a stint as a sports reporter on the National Lampoon Radio comedy show; hosted her own Vivid Radio show; and also represented the adult industry in a debate during Sex Week at Yale University.”  The AVN Awards Show is the culmination of the AVN Expo, a series of events produced by AVN Media Network at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, beginning with Internext, followed by the AVN Novelty Expo, and the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and capped off by the AVN Awards Show.

 NIKKI DELANO APPEARS ON SPORTS BYLINE USA -- Gerrie Burke, host of Sports Overnight America, chatted with Vivid Radio host Nikki Delano last week about L.A. Kings center Jeff Carter and even more about Nikki’s education and career. Vivid Radio was mentioned numerous times during the interview. Gerrie said Nikki is an “absolute sweetheart of a woman” and noted that she’s a graduate of an elite police-oriented university in New York (“One of the nicest and smartest people ever to graduate from John Jay College.”). He asked her how she got into adult work and how she liked it. Nikki shared her experiences and then noted, “I don’t mind being naked at all…it doesn’t bother me at all.” They talked about everything from geography to their pets, with Nikki admitting that her mixed-breed rescue dog is “attached to my hip.” Burke also complimented Nikki on her Vivid Radio show, saying: “You have a nice delivery, you’ve really slowed down. I’d love to have your job.” She talked about her personal online info and her Vivid Radio show. They also discussed Jeff Carter, with Nikki noting that “he’s 6’8”, stacked and built like a god.” Burke was also a guest on Nikki’s Tales of Culo show, where they spent more time discussing the Canadian superstar. Nikki said: “Maybe he could teach me how to skate and I could teach him a thing or two about how to score some other goals.”

 VIVID CABARET NYC GIRLS ENJOY THE YULETIDE -- The dancers at Vivid Cabaret in Manhattan definitely enjoyed the Christmas season this year. As TheRealPornWikiLeaks said, the three-story gentlemen’s club “is the hot spot this Christmas season for celebrity sightings. The Christmas tree is up, and many of the Vivid Cabaret NYC Girls are wearing sexy Christmas outfits.  The Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland—but it’s all good because it’s heated. There have been parties every night, with many celebrities and pro athletes in attendance. “There have been lots of VIP Christmas parties—one was for a famous sports agent, and I got to dance for a basketball player and some football guys,” said Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Ava. “We’re used to seeing the athletes at the club—they are great—they love to make it rain on us girls.” The RealPornWikiLeaks story noted that the cabaret “is well known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 feet tall), and the ultimate in VIP services, plus a menu designed by acclaimed Executive Chef Franklin Edwards.” The Vivid Cabaret NYC Girls also revealed some of their wishes for 2017, in a story in that read in part: “Angela, a performer at Vivid Cabaret New York, said that obtaining a stock broker’s license is one of her goals for 2017. ‘I've been studying for the exam for a few months. I'm almost ready to conquer Wall Street.’ Veronica, another Vivid Cabaret New York girl, said, ‘Everyone says my butt's so tight, you can bounce a quarter off it. Well, I'm shooting higher. I want you to be able to bounce a dollar off it.’ Kimmie has been pursuing a degree in fashion. ‘In 2017 I'm launching my own line of sexy clothing that looks great on you, and will have everyone asking you to peel out of them.’

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 Nicole Aniston Returns to Vivid Gentlemen’s Club Houston -- Nicole Aniston, the gorgeous curvy blonde, green-eyed adult superstar and Penthouse Pet of the Year, will make her third appearance at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston December. 15-17.   Says Tom Jones, owner of Vivid Gentlemen’s Club:  “Nicole is back by popular demand.  She has lots of fans in the Houston area and they aren’t shy about asking for her to make a repeat performance at our club. Actually, we’re all members of her fan club.”   Nicole is a native of San Diego who works out every day and follows a vegan lifestyle. She was selected as one of The Top 25 Hottest Adult Stars by “I love my fans and I know I’m going to have a fantastic time, be well taken care of and meet great new people in Houston,” says Nicole. She will mix and mingle, sign autographs and pose for snapshots in between dance breaks at the club.  Vivid Gentlemen’s Club, named the city’s Best Strip Club 2015 by the Houston Press operates under a license from Vivid Entertainment. It’s located at 2618 Winrock Blvd., just off Westheimer Rd., in the Briargrove area.

 ADDITIONAL COVERAGE OF STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTE THAT HELPED DEFEAT PROP 60 -- There has been additional media exposure for Los Angeles Times  and Associated Press stories that quoted Steven Hirsch on the dangers of the now-defeated Proposition 60 measure in the recent California election.  Referring to predictions that the Proposition would cause adult companies to leave California, Steven was quoted as saying: “The entire industry would 100 percent stop producing movies in the state of California, and any revenue that goes along with that the state would lose.”  The Times story said that “California’s legislative analyst and finance director estimate Proposition 60 could cost the state millions of dollars annually in lost revenue, but adds that some of that could be recouped by fees it would impose on pornographers and by reduced health care costs. After the LA County measure passed in 2012, Hirsch said his company and others moved their film shoots to other parts of the state. This time, with the stakes much higher, he said they would simply have to go elsewhere, adding that states like Florida and Nevada are possible candidates.”  Among media using the Times story were:,, AOL, NPR,,,  The Associated Press story by John Rogers appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Daily News, Washington Times,, USNews and many other outlets.

 FARRAH LASHES BACK AT CRITICS -- Farrah Abraham, star of two best-selling Vivid Celeb movies and MTV’s Teen Mom series, has lashed back at critics in an Us Magazine interview.  Her Us Magazine comments were in response to remarks made by Maci Bookout during a Teen Mom OG season 6 reunion special, which aired on December 5. When Bookout  joined host Dr. Drew Pinsky on stage at the end of the show, she “calmly explained that she had come in early to take Abraham’s filming spot because the former adult film actress had a ‘bitch fit’ and ended up leaving.”  But in a follow-up article, Us reported:  “in regard to Bookout's ‘bitch fit’ claims, Abraham tells Us: ‘I don't ever have 'bitch fits.' It's clear only Maci, Amber and Catelynn do (have fits) about me. I get better treatment because I'm a hardworking business mogul and amazing mother who holds herself with respect and keeps production accountable and always goes above and beyond what is asked.  And I stay above the trash they have on the show. Sadly, the girls are not taken seriously because of how they conduct themselves, and they're to blame, not me.’"  Abraham is the star of Vivid’s Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom  and Farrah Abram 2: Backdoor and More.


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 APRIL SHARES HER FAVORITE TUNES -- Vivid Radio host April Flores is “Always Amazing,” according to writer Holly Kingstown, who writes about her musical tastes this week in the site’s “Fleshtunes” edition. In the story Holly writes that “April is the host of Vivid Radio's “The Voluptuous Life” which you can listen to on and/or SiriusXM channel 415. She then shares some of the songs that make April happy, including: “‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna: This song reminds me of my late husband and partner in everything, Carlos Batts. When I hear this, I'm transported back to times we were driving around L.A. happily enjoying each other's company. It's so amazing how music has the power to invoke feelings from the past.”  Other favorite songs include "I Am the Earth" by Lower Dens;  "Cherry" by OOFJ; "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead;  and "Island Song" by U.S. Girls.

 SYDNEY LEATHERS ‘SORRY’ FOR HELPING TRUMP GET ELECTED -- The star of Vivid Celeb’s best selling movie Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me says she is sorry for her role in helping Donald Trump win the presidency.  Sydney Leathers opens up about her relationship with disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner and the “Weinergate” scandal in an interview with Aurora Snow in The Daily Beast that was picked up by media around the world.  Snow writes that in the Vivid Celeb movie Leathers “holds nothing back as she not only reveals all about the scandal, but shows the world why Weiner, aka ‘Carlos Danger,’ was so turned on by her. Weiner and Me is as much comedy as it is sexy.”  Recently, however, “no one could have guessed that Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner would come back to haunt the 2016 presidential election. Leathers played a pivotal role in orchestrating the shocking Daily Mail story back in September revealing how Weiner had been sexting a 15-year-old girl—a development that put the ex-politician under federal investigation and reopened the FBI inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Despite her history with Hillary’s ‘second daughter’ Huma Abedin, the tortured ex-wife to Weiner, Leathers is a longtime Democrat and dedicated Hillary supporter. She had a visceral reaction when she realized her seismic impact on the election. ‘I had a panic attack when I first found out. I was shaking for a solid 30 minutes,’ says Leathers. ‘I felt sick, and a little guilty initially, but I had no way of knowing this was going to happen. It wasn’t malicious. I wanted to help a 15-year-old girl; it was the right thing. I’m sorry for any damage it caused the Clinton campaign. That wasn’t my intent.’”

 AP STORY ON PENDING PROP 60 DEFEAT IS FAR REACHING -- An Associated Press story on California’s Proposition 60 quoting Vivid’s Steven Hirsch received extensive coverage throughout the country.  The measure – which was opposed by Vivid and the adult industry -- was defeated by voters on November 8th.  The AP story, which appeared before the vote, read in part:  “’We would 100 percent stop,” said Steven ‘Hirsch, co-founder and co-CEO of Vivid Entertainment, one of the industry’s largest porn producers. ‘We and the entire industry would 100 percent stop producing movies in the state of California, and any revenue that goes along with that the state would lose.’  California’s legislative analyst and finance director estimate Proposition 60 could cost the state millions of dollars annually in lost revenue, but adds that some of that could be recouped by fees it would impose on pornographers and by reduced health care costs. After the LA County measure passed in 2012, Hirsch said his company and others moved their film shoots to other parts of the state. This time, with the stakes much higher, he said they would simply have to go elsewhere, adding that states like Florida and Nevada are possible candidates.”   Among the newspapers printing the story was the conservative Washington Times. Other additional media picking up on the story included Business Insider,, AOL, National Public Radio, HDNews,,  SFChronicle, LADailyNews, Topix, USNews and many others.

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