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 STEVEN HIRSCH RESPONDS TO GOP ANTI-PORN PLANK -- Vivid’s Steven Hirsch made the news this week when he responded publicly to a proposed anti-porn plank in the Republican convention platform. The party plans to brand pornography is a public health crisis and “encourage states to continue to fight this public menace.” In reporting on the story, Fox News said: “So are porn pros worried about what might happen if the plank makes it onto the party platform, and presumed nominee Donald Trump and the GOP win the White House? ‘As we all know political platforms are meaningless. But once again it shows how terribly out of touch the Republican Party is,’Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of porn purveyor Vivid Entertainment, told FOX411. ‘I’m sure Donald Trump would laugh at that.’” L.W. Weekly covered the story as well: “The always outspoken Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, piled on. ‘The Republicans do this every four years to satisfy the most conservative members of their party,’ he says. ‘Maybe they should spend their time finding a candidate that’s not a narcissistic xenophobe.’” Some news outlets covering the story included WGMD,,,, NewsRT and many others.

 MEDIASET ITALY TO INTERVIEW MICHAEL H. KLEIN & AIDEN STARR -- Vivid’s internet and broadcast chief Michael H. Klein, Vivid Radio host and dominatrix Aiden Starr and adult performer Ryan Driller are being interviewed at the Vivid offices for the Mediaset Italy show “Top Secret,” which will air next week. Mediaset, owned by Berlusconi, is Italy’s largest broadcaster. The interview is expected to give viewers background on the U.S. adult industry and how it differs from the European adult entertainment industry. The show “Top Secret” in the past has explored subjects such as the Vatican Mysteries and Deaths in the World of Music, from Prince and Jimi Hendrix to Amy Winehouse. VividTV recently announced a dramatic expansion in Italy and other European countries and Africa.

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 RADARONLINE HAS ‘BOMBSHELL’ INTERVIEW WITH STEVEN HIRSCH -- A RadarOnline interview with Vivid chief Steven Hirsch about the potential for a new Kim Kardashian sex tape carries this headline: “$25 MILLION For Kimye Sex Tape! Vivid Honcho Reveals Major Bombshell.” The interview of Steven by entertainment editor Alexis Tereszcuk was immediately picked up by scores of pop culture websites. The article included an array of photos and a shot of Vivid’s Kim Kardashian Superstar cover. Here are some excerpts:  “Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J made history and millions of dollars. Could she go back to her roots and star in an X-rated film with Kanye West? Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch told all in an exclusive interview with… ‘The deal to ultimately release the Kim K videowas arguably the best deal made in the history of the adult industry,’ Hirsch told Radar. ‘If you take into consideration not only the sales but the immense publicity it has received, it truly stands above any other video…. ‘When she does something newsworthy (every day) our sales reflect it. In addition, we have over the past year released the movie on VividTV and it has by far been our bestselling title,’ he revealed. ‘A Kim/Kanye tape would be worth $25 million, at bare minimum,’ Hirsch told Radar… Kim K Superstar is a revenue generator even in the new digital age, Hirsch said. ‘We have sold close to one million DVDs and hundreds of thousands of downloads. To put it in perspective, the five minute clip from the movie has been downloaded over 300 million times. That's an incredible number,’ he said…’Of course a sex tape with Kim and Kanye would be extremely popular,’ Hirsch explained. ‘But the industry has changed and there are no longer DVD sales, or very little. The internet business has evolved as well and I believe it would be difficult to garner the same amount of downloads. If you look at the music industry, it's basically the same story. With that being said, there would still be intense interest and obviously massive sales.’" Among the wide ranging array of sites picking up on the story were, TheDailyNews, EnterGhana, TheMirror, TheCelebrityAuction,, and many more.

 VIVID RADIO AND NAKED NEWS HOSTS LOOK AT DATING APPS -- Vivid Radio host Christy Canyon and Naked News anchor Carli Bei got down to the nitty gritty of dating apps during a broadcast this week.  Christy and Carli looked at some of the lesser-known but very interesting apps, some of which were covered recently in a article.  As the hosts noted, dating apps like Tinder, OKcupid and Plenty of Fish are well known, but “there are entire dating demographics these apps fail to reach.”  For example, Christy and Carli discussed Hula, an app that lets you post your latest sexually transmitted disease test results, and find the nearest testing clinic.  They talked about Crowd Pilot, an app that lets you live-stream audio of your date and lets your friends send you live text message advice to coach you while you’re on it.  They also had fun with Sock-It, an app that lets  friends and roommates know when you're having sex so they don't interrupt you. As observed, the app is “fairly straightforward, but also, fairly creepy.”

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 KANYE’S ‘FAMOUS’ VIDEO BOOSTS KIM’S SEX TAPE SALES -- The pop culture media was buzzing this week about a sharp increase in sales of Vivid’s Kim K Superstar video that began shortly after Kanye posted his now famous “Famous” video. editor Sarah Taylor was out front with a story quoting Vivid chief Steven Hirsch. Her story, which was also teased on TMZ, said: “Ol’ Kim K and her amazing assets at it again ... this time, being bolstered by Kanye West’s controversial ‘Famous’ video. Imagine being that sought-after that anything that anyone even remotely related to your situation does boosts your sex tape sales through the roof. Guys, this video is nearly 10 years old and it hasn’t lost any steam whatsoever. We spoke exclusively with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, who, about Kanye’s ‘Famous,’ had this to say: ‘Despite all of the controversy surrounding Kanye West’s video it may be the new favorite for Vivid Entertainment. The reason is that with all of the publicity that the Kim K Superstar sex tape is getting in the coverage of ‘Famous,’; Vivid is seeing a spike in sales for the movie. We should hire Kanye as our Head of Marketing. He single handedly increased our sales by over 50%.’ Wow. And they say good, old-fashioned sex tapes eventually go out of vogue. Not so, friendly friends. Simply not so.”  The Fishwrapper story was picked up by numerous outlets, including, The Daily Caller,, and others. In addition, many stories just reporting on the ‘Famous’ video, such as The New York Daily News,,, and the Daily Mirror, referenced Vivid’s Kim K sex tape.

 VIVID SIGNS DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH HARMONY FILMS -- Vivid Entertainment, has announced that a DVD distribution deal has been signed for the UK and Europe with London-based Harmony Films Limited. “We are delighted to sign with Harmony,” said Michael H. Klein, president, broadcasting & internet for Vivid Entertainment. “Harmony is a formidable presence in the UK and European markets and we feel this collaboration will result in a broader distribution for our films in this vital area.” Harmony Films is known for its polished, high-budget adult productions featuring top talent. The British company has been recognized with multiple awards. “We are very pleased with this new partnership which allows us to add this iconic brand into our current European DVD release schedule,” noted James Wright, VP sales and marketing at Harmony.

 VIVID FEATURED IN M&E STORY ON ADULT AND VR -- A story this week in the Media & Entertainment Alliance journal M&E Daily featured Vivid Entertainment. Reporter Jeff Berman wrote: “It’s no secret that the adult entertainment industry has historically experimented with and adapted new video formats and interactive technologies early on, even helping to drive the popularity of some of them (see VHS). Now, a growing number of adult entertainment companies are using virtual reality (VR) technology for their content, in response to consumer demand…Vivid Entertainment, one of the adult entertainment industry’s market share leaders, is readying a virtual reality site,, according to Michael H. Klein, the company’s president of broadcasting and internet. ‘Right now we are in production of new VR content for the site as well as creating a VR feel to some of our existing content, starting with’ the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape…We hope to have the site up and running soon and we’ll be uploading new content on the site every month.’ Vivid’s current focus is on broadcasting, the internet and VR, he said, adding: ‘We’re always exploring other new technologies to see how they fit with the Vivid brand.’ The VR site will be compatible with all VR devices, and users will be able to download or stream a version of the content that’s compatible with the specific device they have, he said.

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VIVIDTV PLANS EXPANSION IN EUROPE & AFRICA -- VividTV has signed an agreement with Totalmedia Solutions S.A. to spearhead sales and marketing as the company continues its expansion across Europe and Africa. Michael H. Klein, president of Broadcasting and Internet for Vivid, said this week: “Totalmedia is highly regarded as the most successful marketing agent of adult entertainment content in Europe. I had personal experience in working with the firm when it handled Sapphire Media International. I am very pleased to have them on board with Vivid starting August 1st .” Michael noted that VividTV, which enjoys nearly 100% distribution to North American cable and satellite homes, launched the VividTV Europe 24/7 adult channel in 2014. Designed specifically for the European viewer, it combines popular local content with Vivid’s best-selling programming. The company’s robust VOD service, also offered throughout Europe, is customized to the needs of each affiliate. He added that “in addition to our explicit, VividTV Europe network, we have created a new soft erotic channel under the Vivid Touch brand, with the launch scheduled for this summer. We are also readying a second explicit channel for introduction in the fall of this year. Totalmedia will be offering all three networks to operators immediately when they come on board.”  

 FLESHBOT INTERVIEWS LEXI BELLE -- Lexi Belle was the featured interview this week at Lexi Belle in interview., on the occasion of her appearance at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston. The interview began: “Blonde superstar Lexi Belle has made a ton of fans happy throughout her lengthy porn career and she is now on the road feature dancing and making the world a happier place that way. She will be appearing tomorrow night through Saturday night at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston and you should totally go see her if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. ”Lexi said that she “never watched porn before I entered the industry!” Today, she told, the most satisfying thing about her adult career is “definitely the fans and also being able to express myself and how I get to be in an environment that embraces sexuality. Some of my fans have been with me since day one and have enjoyed watching me grow over the years.” As for non-professional fun, Lexi says she loves “to travel, snowboard, garden, cook and a little reading. I enjoy time with myself and opening up my mind to new things but what I think I do the most is hang out with my awesome dogs. :)” Her advice on how to please a woman sexually? “Pay attention to her hints or body language.”

 STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED IN FISHWRAPPER.COM FARRAH STORY -- Pop culture media is following the story that Farrah Abraham may have made a new porn film but said this week Farrah “is not a porn star -- we know that because she’s said it so many, many times. Yes, she made a Vivid sex tape with well-known porn star James Deen, and yes, James has said that the tape was, in fact, porn, and yes, we showed you those photos of her yesterday that were described as Farrah shooting a lesbian erotica video. But guys, she’s not a porn star.” Fishwrapper says it “reached out to our friend Steve Hirsch at Vivid, who had this to say ... a thing that we’re still laughing over:  ‘Looks like Farrah “I’m not a porn star” Abraham is back on the casting couch and ready for Round 2. She has found her true calling and an AVN award is definitely in her future!’" The Fishwrapper story was teased on

 VIVID CABARET HOSTS LENNY DYSKTRA BOOK PARTY -- TMZ ran an item this week on a book party held for baseball great Lenny Dykstra at Vivid Cabaret New York City. The TMZ story read: “A bunch of strippers got advanced copies of Lenny Dykstra’s new autobiography at a party in NYC Tuesday night and the reviews are in ... IT’S A BOOK!  Here are some pics from the party at Vivid Cabaret NYC -- where the ex-MLB superstar actually took the time to read some pages from ‘House of Nails’ to some of the dancers. ‘He’s proud of his book and he read some passages to the girls,’ Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Kimmie said. ‘Oh, and we all gave lap dances to Lenny. I consider it probably the greatest book party ever.’

 MIMI FAUST’S SEX TAPE BACK IN THE NEWS -- There is new buzz about Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, the famous Vivid Celeb sex tape, because of a scene in an episode of Season 5 of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. The sex tape plays a key role in a dramatic exchange involving Promise B Mae’s alleged love child. IBTimes reports: “Promise B Mae finally came under pressure from Mimi Faust and agreed to a DNA test, but before ending her arguments she brought back the infamous Vivid sex tape leak scandal. The woman, who claims that she has a daughter with the 44-year- old American musician (Stevie J.), was confronted by Stevie and Mimi. However, baffled by the confrontation, Promise brings back the Nikko sex tape scandal. ‘You want to bring up sex tapes? You are trying to assassinate this man’s character,’ a furious Mimi told her. ‘You have lied and said things that could have destroyed my life. I would appreciate it if you didn’t contact me anymore,’ Stevie warned.”

 AIP CARRIES RETRO REVIEW OF WHERE THE BOYS AREN’T 6 -- In observance of LGBT Pride Month, has published a retro review by editor Christina Doxstader of Where the Boys Aren’t 6, one of a famous Vivid movie series. Christina begins her review by writing, “I know next to nothing about gay, bi or transgendered porn, much less ones that are 10 years old or older, I figured I’d stick with lesbian porn.” In short, she found it “pretty hot and a lot of fun to watch.” The review gave the movie a high rating and noted that “Where the Boys Aren’t was one of the first and most popular all-girl series at a time when all-girl movies weren’t as common as they are today.”

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 LA DODGERS’ JOC PEDERSON IS JUNE’S PLAYER OF THE MONTH -- and Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show) have picked L.A. Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson as their Player of the Month for June. He will be honored and discussed on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segments on Wednesday, June 22. Sports Overnight America host Gerrie Burke will talk about Pederson’s ball playing skills with Vivid Radio host Katie Morgan when he’s on her show, Having Sex, With Katie Morgan from 1-2pm PT.   Katie, well known for her nine seasons on HBO, will then appear on Burke’s show at 11 pm PT to discuss Pederson’s non-playing attributes. Says Farrell Hirsch, general manager of the Vivid Radio Network: “Pederson is the third current MLB player being honored by the radio shows. At 24 he’s also the youngest player we’ve recognized so far. We’ve been following his fast-rising career and hope our recognition will further charge his climb.” Burke comments: “I was a fan of Katie Morgan when she was on HBO and continue to watch her on VOD. Her girl next door looks, distinctive voice and incredible body are a matchless combination as far as I’m concerned.” Burke adds extra fun to each Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment by giving away some of Vivid’s best selling movies during his show.  Listeners can find all of the titles on

 HIP HOP VIBE INTERVIEWS NIKKI DELANO -- New Vivid Radio host Nikki Delano was featured this week in a “Hottie of the Week” interview by Hip Hop Vibe writer YRS Jerzy, who began his article, “Hard work goes into everything that is successful, people work very hard to do what they do. In the adult world, Nikki Delano has worked hard to look good naked and do all that she does with ease. These talents come following much effort. Nikki Delano is one of the most-recognized names in the adult industry and she is ahead of the game...she hosts The Nikki Delano Show on Vivid Radio.” Jerzy also urged his readers to “be sure to catch Nikki Delano hosting her show in the afternoons.” In the interview Nikki mentions her show several times, noting that it is a key part of a daily work schedule that includes web camming, feature films, social media and five non-adult related businesses. She added: “I really enjoy doing the Vivid Radio stuff. I am a great talker, and I bring the same vibe when it comes to my radio show.”

 HOSTS TALK ABOUT THE “DON’T’S” OF SEX -- The hosts from Vivid Radio and Naked News this week tackled another controversial topic – what ladies do NOT like in bed. Hosts Ashley Blue From Vivid Radio and Kat Curtis from Naked News discussed a recent post on the subject. They had fun talking about “some standard things men do in the bedroom that frankly don’t get any woman to their ‘oh-my-god, amazing!’ orgasm face.” They also covered the subject of what most men think works in the bedroom, but actually is way off from being a pleasurable experience. On the Myth vs. Realty scale, the top five were: (1) Myth: We Want You to Always Boss Us Around & Be In Control/Reality: We Want A Balance; (2) Myth: We Aren’t As Sexual & Don’t Want Sex As Often/Reality: We Want Better Sex; (3) Myth: If We Aren’t Wet, We Aren’t Turned On/Reality: We Need More Time To Get There; (4)   Myth: If You Keep Pushing, We’ll Give In/Reality: We Value Boundaries; (5) Myth: We Like Dirty Talk All The Time/Reality: We Like A Little. Ashley and Kat had particular fun with one comment from Anna, age 27: “Every woman is different and while I don’t like being called a ‘slut,’ some women do. Either way, sometimes it’s hot for a guy to talk about how turned on he is by me or how sexy something is or something kinky or dirty. What turns me off is when the dirty talk is so aggressive that it distracts me from getting turned on and into the moment. I once dated a guy who would say ‘louder’ every single time I showed reaction to something he did. It would always throw me off and kill my orgasm.”

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 VIVID RADIO/NAKED NEWS DISCUSS MALE ENHANCEMENT TECHNIQUES -- The hosts from Vivid Radio and Naked News this week tackled a topic of great interest to males, females and couples: Do male enhancement techniques and products really work?” Hosts Sam Phillips From Vivid Radio and Brandy Dawley from Naked News talked about a recent poll of 25,000 heterosexual men in which nearly half said they wanted a bigger penis. The article noted: “Given that so many guys are anxious about the size of their junk, it’s not surprising that the penis enlargement industry is growing. From pills to pumps to stretching devices to surgeries, a range of products and services that promise to give you the length and girth you’ve always dreamed of are now available.” Sam and Brandy had fun with one commentary on the survey that “despite lofty promises and money-back guarantees, there are no penis enlargement pills backed by any real scientific evidence, and none are FDA-approved. There’s simply no such thing as a pill that can enlarge your penis, so don’t believe anything you hear otherwise.” As for penis pumps, they don’t seem to have much of a benefit, but many men swear by them, “perhaps because of a placebo effect.” Penis extenders, which actually stretch the penis, may work for some men, but the hosts noted that they are also uncomfortable to use. Be careful of undergoing surgery to enhance your penis – deformities have been reported. And, at a minimum of $6,000, it is also an expensive route to take. Fans can tune in to or to the SiriusXM app channel 791 to hear more Naked News reports on the network’s shows.

 LEXI BELLE TO MAKE RETURN ENGAGEMENT AT VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB IN HOUSTON -- Lexi Belle, named one of the most popular stars in the adult industry by CNBC, will be back by popular demand performing at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston on June 23—25. Lexi, a former Penthouse Pet of the Year, has won multiple awards for her acting talent from AVN, F.A.M.E., XRCO, NightMoves and others. Tom Jones, owner of the club that has been recognized by The Houston Press as being the best in the city, says: “Lexi was a big hit when she was here in February last year and we are thrilled that she will be back this month.” A native of Louisiana, Lexi grew up in Mississippi and lived in Southern California as a teenager. The sultry star says that she was a band geek in high school and played the trombone. “I was quiet and shy, but my clothes expressed that I was loud,” she says. Many of her fans may recognize Lexi from her best-selling Vivid porn parody SupermanXXX: A Porn Parody. Lexi will be available to meet with fans, pose for snapshots and sign autographs between dance breaks at the club. Vivid Gentlemen’s Club operates under a license from Vivid Entertainment and is located at 2618 Winrock Blvd., just off Westheimer Rd., in Houston’s Briargrove area.

 VIVID CONTINUES TO GET MENTIONED IN KYLIE JENNER COVERAGE -- Vivid was featured prominently this week in a new story on under the headline: “Kylie Jenner Tyga Sex Tape: It Exists!” The story by Gelyka Ruth notes that some media reports have expressed doubt that the tape exists. But reporter Ruth writes: “In her Snapchat account, Kylie Jenner said that her sex tape with Tyga will never surface online. This suggested that Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s sex tape actually exists after she never denied the fact, Radar Online noted. According to a report from Mirror UK, an alleged sex tape was uploaded in the 26-year- old rapper’s personal website but it was deleted 30 minutes after.” The MorningNewsUSA story continued: “There were also reports that Vivid Entertainment has offered the former couple $10-MILLION to document their privacy.”



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 THE VIVID STUDIO INSIDER SPOTLIGHT SHINES ON KATIE MORGAN -- Vivid Radio host Katie Morgan has captured the Vivid Studio Insider Spotlight this week. Katie has her own show on titled “Having Sex, With Katie Morgan” on Wednesdays from 1-2pm PT. The show is also heard on the SiriusXM app channel 791. Katie has girl-next-door good looks, a great body and probably the most distinctive voice in all of radio. She says that her voice has been described at “cute.” Cute or sexy, her fans find her irresistible. Katie has a huge base of fans who got to know her from her appearances on HBO for nine seasons where she hosted a variety of shows on sex…all in the nude. captured Katie earlier this year when it wrote: “AVN Hall of Fame performer Katie Morgan has returned to adult after a seven year hiatus. Between her HBO show, her podcast and her starring role in the Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks comedy Zack and Miri Make  Porno, she stayed busy while she was away but it is a great thing to have her back and f*cking in front of the camera again. Her new Vivid Radio show Having Sex, With Katie Morgan is on the air now.” When asked by Fleshbot reporter Holly Kingstown what she would “teach a woman how to expand her sexual boundaries with her partner,” she replied: “The best advice I could give anyone on that is to be open and honest with your partner. The biggest key to better sex is communication in bed. That advice isn’t just for the ladies -- it goes for the guys as well.”

 COURTNEY PREGNANT AND BACK IN THE NEWS -- Courtney Stodden, star of Courtney Uncovered the famous sex tape from Vivid Celeb, has jumped back in the news after she posted news and selfies capturing her pregnancy. captured the story with a headline reading: “Pregnant Courtney Stodden Flaunts her Flashy Engagement Ring and Wedding Band on Instagram.” The InTouch story written by Amber Belus continued: “The pregnant 21-year- old took to Instagram to flaunt her HUGE engagement ring and gorgeous wedding band from her husband of five years, Doug Hutchison. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” she captioned the image alongside a diamond emoji. Courtney married the Green Mile star at age 16. Though their relationship was tumultuous at times, the pair recently renewed their vows to mark their fifth anniversary. The blonde beauty announced she is pregnant with their first child in May.” Many other websites picked up on the story, including, (which reported she feels “happy but extremely overwhelmed”),,, and many others.

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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR MAY 27, 2016]]> /news/2016-05-27/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-27-2016/ /news/2016-05-27/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-27-2016/

 SAM PHILLIPS FEATURED ON ABC NIGHTLINE SEGMENT -- Vivid Radio host Sam Phillips was one of the featured guests this week on a segment of the critically acclaimed ABC television network show Nightline. The segment titled “Redefining What’s Sexy in the Era of Sexting, Snapchat and Porn” focused on a best selling new book by Peggy Orenstein, “Girls and Sex.” Sam was introduced as an adult star and “host of a popular show on Vivid Radio.” In her interview she noted that adult movies are entertainment and “to look at regular porn as an instructional manual for sex is ridiculous. If you want to teach your kid how to drive a car, do you teach him by watching an action movie? To expect to learn about sex by watching a porn is unrealistic, because it is a made up fantasy world.” - Sam Phillps

 VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB FEATURE DANCER BRETT ROSSI HASADVICE FOR ADULT PERFORMERS -- Adult star Brett Rossi, who is the featured performer this week at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston, has some advice for would-be actresses. Brett, who made headlines when she got engaged to actor Charlie Sheen, was interviewed by sex and adult entertainment blogger C. J. Asher, who asked what advice she would give to someone who wants to become an adult film actress. Said Brett, “I would say don’t go against your comfort level. Only do as much as you are comfortable with and go at your own pace. Remember that you are always in control of your own career and don’t ever let anyone pressure you to go beyond your limits.” Brett also disclosed that she is “very active outside the business. I love the outdoors. I spend a lot of time hiking and riding my horse. Other than that, I’m a major home-body.” Rossi who started runway fashion modeling when she was only 14 years old later was named Miss Howard Stern TV, became a Playboy Cyber Girl, a Twisty’s Treat and Penthouse Pet of the Month.  She also had a starring role in “The Crazy MILF Next Door” an ongoing series on Youtube.

VIVID AND KYLIE JENNER STAY IN THE NEWS -- Speculation continues about the possibility of a new sex tape starring Kylie Jenner, and Vivid’s possible role. This week noted, “These days it just seems so hard to keep up with which Kardashian family member has a sex tape or not, but either way they are potentially worth a lot of money…Even though a rep for the Kardashians has denied that Kylie Jenner has a sex tape that she made with her ex-boyfriend Tyga, there's still speculation that the video, regardless of its existence, could be worth a whopping $10 million dollars…And now Kylie is being offered an eight-figure paycheck if she ends up following in the footsteps of her older sister. ‘The tape would be worth a minimum of $10 million. That number could go up based on how hot the sex is!!’ Steven Hirsch, founder/co- chairman of Vivid Entertainment, explained to Hollywood Life. He added, "Whether or not they are still together, we feel that a sex tape with Kylie and Tyga would be in high demand. No one seems to be able to confirm if, in fact, a photo of them from a tape has surfaced. Even with all these uncertainties, we remain interested in acquiring the tape if it exists and if it doesn’t, in making a new one with them." Enstarz reported, “So far Kylie herself has not made any comments about whether or not she did the dirty and recorded it with her ex. She broke up with the rapper earlier this month.”

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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR MAY 20, 2016]]> /news/2016-05-20/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-20-2016/ /news/2016-05-20/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-20-2016/

 A KARDASHIAN FAMILY MEMBER SEX TAPE BACK IN THE NEWS – Pop culture websites are abuzz with reports that a new sex tape featuring a Kardashian family member has been leaked. reported this week: “OMG! A racy sexy tape, featuring Kylie Jenner (daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian) and ex Tyga, has reportedly leaked online, and Tyga may be to blame. Months ago, they were supposedly offered $10 million (by Vivid Entertainment) for a collection of tapes, but now, could one have reportedly found its way online? Uh oh!“ In a follow-up story the Daily Mirror in the UK reported that Kylie “is freaking out that something like that will happen, especially if she starts bashing Tyga in any way. If the Kardashians bash him, it would open the door for something like that to happen. He has a lot of power right now. Following her 18th birthday, the pair were offered millions to get intimate in front of camera. Vivid Entertainment made an incredible $10 MILLION offer to her and the rapper, reported TMZ. Vivid boss Steven Hirsch was said to have written at the time: ‘Kim's sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you.’" has cast doubt on the validity of the leaks, asking in a headline “Is the X-rated image really Jenner and Tyga?”

 VIVID RADIO AND NAKED NEWS TEAM UP FOR TIPS ON PUBLIC SEX – host Kat Curtis and Vivid Radio host Ashley Blue got down and dirty this week talking about outdoor sex. Kat and Ashley were inspired to tackle the topic by blogger Katy Thorn, who wrote about it recently on She found that “women are exploring the great outdoors more than ever by going public with sex.” The Vivid Radio and NakedNews programs discussed survey findings that 73% of women have had sex in a car and 36% have had sex in a public park. According to, “the bigger, more vegetated the park, the better, but don’t rely solely on Mother Nature for cover. Bring a variety of blankets for both warmth and privacy. In an isolated or forested area, get in between the blankets in the spoon position. Even if interlopers get curious from afar, it will appear you two are innocently cuddling.”

 BRETT ROSSI PERFORMS AT VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB IN HOUSTON – Stunning blonde adult star Brett Rossi will headline at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston on May 26-28. Rossi made headlines when she got engaged to high profile actor Charlie Sheen and when the engagement ended. About that relationship, she says: “I was just a girl who fell in love with a bad boy and got my heart broken in the end.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it was just that.”   Rossi started runway fashion modeling when she was only 14 years old.  “Modeling has been in my blood since I was a child as my grandmother was one of the very first Pepsi Cola models,” she noted. Among her accomplishments are being named Miss Howard Stern TV, becoming a Playboy Cyber Girl, a Twisty’s Treat and Penthouse Pet of the Month.  Most recently she has had a starring role in “The Crazy MILF Next Door” an ongoing series on YouTube. After a hiatus from making adult movies, Rossi is back and says she wants to win awards this time around, not just be nominated for them.






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<![CDATA[VIVID STUDIO INSIDER FOR MAY 13 2016]]> /news/2016-05-13/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-13-2016/ /news/2016-05-13/vivid-studio-insider-for-may-13-2016/

 VICE FEATURES BRANDY ANISTON – Popular website featured Vivid Radio host Brandy Aniston in an article headlined: “Parenting Advice from Real-Life Porn Star MILFs.” The story by Chris Nieratko began, “Porn stars are just like us. Really. They might make more money, have more sex, and enjoy their jobs far more than most people, but nearly every woman in the adult business I've interviewed over the past 20 years has had the same basic desires: be loved, be happy, and make it to the end of the life's road in one piece and hopefully not hurt anyone in the process. I've also come to realize since having my first child nearly seven years ago that I can relate more to the parenting beliefs and techniques of people who are ostracized for doing porn than I can with almost any parent in the suburbs of New Jersey…When it comes to parenting, people question not only how they raise their children, but if they should even be allowed to have kids at all. It takes a very confident person to endure that level of bullshit. I applaud all the mothers out there, today and every day, especially the real-life porn MILFs.” Brandy, who has an 11-year-old son, was quoted as saying: “For me mom-life and work-life are two separate things. I don't perform much anymore, and I focus more on my Vivid Radio show. Plus, I don't bring him to industry parties or anything like that. I suppose that would be a big tip for moms: don't bring your kids to adult industry parties. I am not as free as some people about bringing my son into an environment where there's nakedness. That might sound funny coming from a porn star mom, but I'm pretty protective. I'm not walking around the house nude. Mom has tattoos and pierced nipples and he's 11 years old; I don't think it's super appropriate. I understand it with moms and daughters, but a mom with a son is different…But if you can get your child to accept sexuality, like we have, I think the world would be a better place.” The full segment is available at:

 ANNIE CRUZ TEAMS WITH SPORTS OVERNIGHT AMERICA – Vivid Radio host Annie Cruz stepped into professional sports this week when she hosted
sports guru and popular radio personality Gerrie Burke. The occasion was Burke’s appearance on Annie’s show, The Dirtiest Girl in the World, during which they discussed their selection of New York Mets pitcher Noah “Thor” Syndergaard as their ‘Player of the Month” for May. Syndergaard was chosen by Vivid Radio and Burke’s show, Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show), which featured the choice on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment on May 10. Burke said that “while Annie might not know the stats and nuances of Syndergaard the player, you can bet she has opinions on Syndergaard the man.” Annie is indeed well qualitifed: she has been in many films, was Adam Film Award's Squirt Queen of the Year and has appeared on Howard Stern, MTV, and other shows. Aside from being a kinky temptress, Cruz collects comic books, plays video games, wrestles, and has worked on numerous mainstream projects.” described Annie as “An adult legend…sexy and exotic with a gorgeous little body.”

 SHORTANDSWEET HONORS CHYNA – Pop culture website ShortandSweetNYC has honored adult star and champion wrestler Chyna with a giveaway promotion for one of her Vivid movies. The tribute on both the New York and Los Angeles versions of the site features an image of the cover of her famous “Backdoor” movie and the following: “As a tribute to a true superstar in their movies, in wrestling and in life, Vivid Entertainment is giving away DVDs of Chyna is Queen of the Ring to five lucky visitors to Chyna made four movies with Vivid and you can check out all of them on  She had planned to discuss making more movies before she left us much too soon. To enter, e-mail us your name Here by May 20th. Include “Chyna Contest” as the subject. Just send an email with your address and we’ll select 5 winners at random who will receive the movie. Winners will be notified by email.  (Entrants need to be 18 years of age or over.)”

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