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The Game is Chess. The pieces are People. The play is for keeps. And they don't stop until they capture your King or Queen. So go ahead and make a move. If you Dare...


Mike is a private detective. Sharon's husband Mark is suspected of having an affair. The two are about to meet. Except Mike is distracted. It seems he's more interested in the mistress than the affair. And wouldn't you be...if the mistress was Tera Heart? Toni English takes a public look at private sex, and the things men do to make married life a little bit interesting. Consider this your invitation. To a very special affair.

Bad Girls 6

While our Celeste & Jeanna fight for the right to take charge of Bad Girls, the biker gang that could frighten the hell out of a Hells Angel, town bullies start a war, leaving the girls no choice but to unite for the challenge. They grab their weapons - the ones under their shirts and between their legs and teach those big bad boys a lesson they won't forget!

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