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Victoria Givens

Victoria Givens Movies

Poke Her

Want to double down? Steve is an undercover reporter who will do anything to get an exclusive story on the "strip poker" scene. In order to get in on this new phenomenon, he enters a "strip poker championship." Mercedez becomes Steve's poker teacher, and shows him a few tricks of the trade. Find out who comes out on top in Poke Her, and with Mercedez as your intsructor... it's a safe bet that everyone wins.

Wild Poppy

Dasha is Poppy...and she's trapped in a "time loop"...reliving the same "sex-filled" day over and over. To save her dad from certain death, she somehow has to get to him before the day ends...Time's running out and escaping her sticky situation will prove to be both draining and Wild!!!

The Wedding

Emme (Savanna) and Steve are getting married and the wedding has to take place, strangely enough, in the Master Bath of his mansion. Just when you think it couldn't get any weirder.... it does. When the Bride suddenly falls for the Best Man, and the Groom for the Bridesmaid!Throw your expectations out the window. This is the wildest wedding in history! The Wedding from Vivid. Go Ahead. Make a commitment

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