Veronica Sage Movies

Animal Instinct

Ashlyn and Steve are phone sex buddies. And like a lot of phone sex buddies, things change when they meet. Animal urges come out. Animal instincts take hold. And as the viewer, you take hold too. Welcome to Judy Blue's awesome aural obsession, Animal Instinct. Where the tiger in ...



Nikki and Kaitlyn are nurses and friends. (If you're thinking enema, seek professional help.) Kaitlyn's depressed because Nikki's out of town for her birthday and thinks the special day will be ignored. Surprise! Veronica and Alex Sanders begin the festivities with an anal romp. ...


Swap #2

Beautiful superstar, Lene Hefner, is married to Jon Dough. Leena and Marc are also married, but Leena and Jon have something in common: They're both swingers at heart, but not at home. Paul Thomas takes Lene and Leena and teams them up with the cast list of the year - Christina A...


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