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Tia Bella

Born December 25, 1973 in Newark, New Jersey, Tia Bella has a Greek and Spanish heritage. With long brown hair and dazzling brown eyes, she is one of the most exciting and alluring newcomers to adult film in the past few years. While attending college, she started working as an exotic dancer in order to make some extra cash. After graduating college, she headed to Southern California for a vacation. While in Los Angeles, she decided to approach Vivid Video. Tia Bella's drop-dead gorgeous looks convinced Vivid to sign her on the spot, and there's little doubt the gamble paid off. Tia Bella enjoys going on long walks, hiking and dancing to stay in shape. When she's not dancing or shooting a movie, Tia can be found educating the public on the overpopulation of animals. To help, she has adopted five pets and would like for more people to adopt pets as well.

Tia Bella Movies

2nd Coming

When a man decides to find a surrogate slut to teach his dull lover the finer points of fine sex, he locates a lady who has enough knowledge for two lifetimes. Tia Bella's 2nd coming. Her final film. So make every second count!

Girl Next Door

She gets under a car as fast as she gets over a face. She's part tomboy, part bad girl, and all Janine. She's the Girl Next Door you never had. So hop on over. Borrow some sugar. And cream your pants with beautiful Janine!

Taxi Dancers

The night was neon signs and lit up girls. And a detective who looked at every case from the legs up. Especially if the legs belong to a taxi dancer named Snow. Who is the murderer in Loveland? And how many killer bodies will turn up before it's safe for a dime dance?

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