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The Love Twins

Vivid created adult history when it signed identical twin college coeds, Lacey and Lyndsey Love, to exclusive contracts and made them Vivid Girls™. The 5'2" 21-year-old blondes came to Vivid's attention while working together in a nude chat room to earn extra money for school. The Love Twins are natives of Cleveland, OH and consider themselves sexual types who are each other's best friend. Known as sexy turn-on sisters, Lacey and Lyndsey often pursue the same interest - fantasizing while having sex. They also have very distinctive tastes in relaxation: Lacey is more interested in books and studying, while Lyndsey prefers shopping and listening to music. Their first Vivid movie, "Two Hot," was directed by award-winner Paul Thomas.

The Love Twins Movies

Where the Boys Aren't #19

Tera. Briana. Lanny. Stefani. Savanna. Monique. Lexie. Tawny. Lyndsey and Lacey. Very simply, this is the harem to end all harems. They're so hot, not even Tera, the girl in the lamp can control them! Its the nastiest WBTA ever...and guess're the Sultan! Find out what happens when belly dancing meets lap dancing, in the girl/girl blockbuster of all time!

Love Life

Follow a behind the scenes crew as they visit The Love Twins at home. Watch them shower. Watch them fuck the postman. (It's a COD delivery, after all). Their sister comes over and cleans the house. It's not clean enough, so her husband give her a punishing fuck to make things right. Then the action moves to a lingerie store, where Tommy Gunn, Kayden Kross and Jada Fire have a blistering 3-way. After which The Twins virtually attack Daisy Marie in an explosive lesbian menage a twat. It's a B. Skow all-sex feature, so the story doesn't get in the way of the sex. Follow The Love Twins around as they fuck their way through the day as only porn stars can. Live the life.

Mating Season

The twins are still working in same research lab, but this time they're greeted one day at work by Brad and Caleb, two of the labs finest techs. The guys convince the twins that they're researching the mating habits of birds. Brad tells the twins that if the girls do sex stuff in front of the birds, they will start to mate. The twins begin to do loads of sexual response therapy in front of the birds that eventually lead to fucking Caleb. It's all the sex that you can handle this season, all in the name of science!

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