Tasha Hunter Movies

Love Games

A chick's body is like an amusement park. You go straight to the fun zone and your fingers get sticky. But when the games are head games, it even gets stickier. Join Raylene on a wild track filled with twists and turns, in Love Games. The first thrill ride on videotape....


Room Servicing

Welcome to the Hotel Scam. With marks, pigeons, gold diggers and one foxy little dupe played by Devon, everyone's dream nymph. Check it out! But first, check in. To Room Servicing, only from Vivid DVD. ...



The story of a choice and an obsession. (Not necessarily in that order.) A man thinks he is making a choice between good and evil. Not realizing the choice has already been made for him. Vivid presents a Paul Thomas film...that may very well become your next Obsession. ...


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