Steven French Movies

Night Stick

Max and Maxine are on their honeymoon, when Maxine develops a case of amnesia, and can't quite remember being married. Max tells a tale of a lustful weekend in Vegas that leads to a quick marriage. Suddenly Maxine begins to remember of all things a store robbery. An assault on a ...


The History of Fetish

Chips, dips, chains, whips, candlewax on the nipples...Kira is going to give you a history lesson that will keep you studying all night!...


So I Married A Porn Star

Steve (Tony Tedeschi) & Felicia (Mercedez) were the perfect couple. Madly in love and happily married... that is, until Steve begins to suspect that his perfect bride is living a secret life as a porn star. But catching her in the act proves difficult as he is thrown into a hilar...


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