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Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee hopped aboard the adult biz train at the age of 18. She's well-known for her big tits and appetite for cock. In fact, she has named her tits "Rock" and "Roll." Even though she entered the business at 18 she says she has had hopes and aspirations of becoming an adult model since she was 15. Since her debut she has starred in over 120 films and is commonly known to perform in oral, lesbian, or squirting niches.

Shawna Lenee Movies

The Rush

Lia lives a pretty boring life. She goes to school, has a roommate and reads a lot. She is bored a lot. Until one day when she comes home to discover her roommate is missing. She begins to panic and discovers a cell phone left behind by the kidnapper. The kidnapper uses the cell phone to send Lia on a wild ride around town, performing different tasks that will lead her to her roommate. Lia has to fuck the delivery girl, the local loan shark, watch a pimp do his girl and many other tasks till she is lead to her roommate's location. When she gets to the location she is in for a big surprise.


Monique finds a card for a strip club in her man's jacket pocket. He tells her he is always playing poker with the guys. She thinks he is lying so she goes undercover at the club to find out the truth. She catches him at the club, things get crazy and he has to prove his love to her.

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