Sharon Kane Movies

On Trial #4: The Verdict

It happened in Oxford, Miss. It happened in Alabama, Utah, Florida and Tennessee. While the drug dealers deal and the killers kill, your government spends your tax dollars prosecuting adult video. It happened to us. It could happen to you. Vivid presents On Trial 4: Verdict. Star...


The Alley

Something weird is in the air. Like a scene from night gallery. Sharon Kane is our host on a trip to the weird and unexplainable. The Alley is five of Chi Chi LaRues twisted visions of sexual deviancy all an alley of course. There's a Vegas show girl, and mugger, an...


Happily Never After

When an aging porn king & queen decide to get married in true 70's fashion, their respective children will do anything they can to stop it! (Special note: this title features the first ever Dasha-to-Briana foot 'disappearance!")...


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