Shanna McCullough Movies

Broadway Brat

She tried being a housewife. It didn't work. She tried motorcycle gangs. The army. She even tried going home again. The only thing she hadn't tried was acting. Look out Broadway. There's a Brat with luggage, nail polish, and a diet soda headed your way. ...


Brat on the Run

The adventure continues! In the Brat, the sizzling best seller that became a #1 hit on the national charts, Jamie Summers established herself as the hottest new star. Now she's back...and this time she's leaving home to discover her spiritual side. But you can be sure her sexual ...


Back On the Prowl 4

"When I found out that poor Shanna got stood-up at the alter but still had her gown, I told her "wear it in the vid!" Watch as she and the super ho's of porn get lusted… pawedon, jerked off on, and fucked by the strangers we find in the bowels of a dirty, filthy adult book sto...


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