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Savannah's stage name came from her favorite movie, Savannah Smiles. She often became angry with anyone who addressed her as Shannon. A stunning natural blond, she is considered one of the most beautiful women to have ever appeared in adult films. Like most celebrities who die at a young age, Savannah has become more famous in death than she was in life. In the years following her death, demand for her films tripled.

Savannah Movies

On Trial #4: The Verdict

It happened in Oxford, Miss. It happened in Alabama, Utah, Florida and Tennessee. While the drug dealers deal and the killers kill, your government spends your tax dollars prosecuting adult video. It happened to us. It could happen to you. Vivid presents On Trial 4: Verdict. Starring beautiful Raquel Darian, with the lovely Savannah. AVN has named Vivid On Trial the best film of the year. This is the final chapter. And it ends just as it began. With a passion.

Where the Boys Aren't #4

The new gold standard. Savannah and Jamie, video's mos gorgeous blondes, are trapped in an all-girl boarding school with jealous sophomores, innocent recruits and horny alumni. Sound like typical adult fare? It's not. It's Savannah. It's Jamie. It's Paul Thomas. It's The Gold Standard.


Its about fast girls with little black books. It's about chance encounters and mistaken identities. It's about 90 minutes. With Savannah. Nuff said?

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