Sativa Rose Movies

The Sitter

Wanna Take The Babysitter Home? What's sexier than a hot little 18 year old babysitter coming over and watching the kids while you and the wife go out for a night on the town? Imagine a couple that enjoys hiring various babysitters just for fun and games. Well, everyone wins.....


Lacie's Life

Lacie Heart once was a sweet suburban tart doing her laundry at the local fluff and fold, hitting the Denny's for a late night Grand Slam, and grabbing tongue kisses under the bleachers after school. Then something got into her... Hollywood. Fame. Lust. Money. She called Vivid......


Invasion of the Porno Shooters

They were the perfect family until the cameras moved in ... They were a regular household .. until a porno crew rented their place. Sure dad went off to work. And mom did her errands. Sure Sis and Bud went off to school. But somehow they all managed to sneak back in and make the ...


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