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Anal Dildo Dominators Choking and Spanking

Vivid TV Presents

Here’s real extreme lesbo domination at its best where every little hot bitch gets whipped, choked and dominated by her mistress who demands that the sluts please her! See kinky BDSM action including ass fucking, and real hardcore pain and pleasure....


Expert Guide to Advanced Fellatio

Vivid Ed Presents

Are you ready to take oral sex to the next level? Author and sex expert Tristan Taormino shares the best tips and techniques to improve and enhance your fellatio skills. From the best positions for deep throating to tricks of face fucking and beyond, this guide will show you how ...


Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex

Vivid Presents

In this unprecedented new series from award winning author and filmmaker Tristan Taormino, the scenes are based entirely on the real fantasies of the female performers. Through deeply personal interviews, you'll discover their definitions of rough sex, why they love it, how they ...


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