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Sarah Jane Hamilton

Sarah Jane Hamilton Movies

Where the Boys Aren't #6

It used to be a men's club. But now it's all women, doing what women will do when they're relaxed, at ease, and into other women. It's WTBA 6, featuring the return of Amber! The return of Christy! And Janine! In the all-star, all-girl romp of all time. Are you all-man enough!

Plaything 2

The continuing tale of a sexual pioneer named Nikki who takes her girlfriends on wild, erotic mind trip through all the fantasies you could ever imagine...and a few you couldn't. It's part two of Ernest Green's acclaimed debut with Nikki... the feature that launched her superstardom. And in this episode, Ernest ties up all the loose ends, leaving no stone--or star--unturned. Plaything 2. Playing too?

Extreme Sex #2 - The Dungeon

Norma purchases a house with Realtor Sean. Like all good Realtors, he shaves her legs, and balls her in the bathroom. Escrow closes, and like with most houses, a hidden dungeon is discovered, where Norma has sex with Bionca, spanks Tom, fondles nurse Sara, and gets teased by policewoman Lady Berlin. Party goer Debi does a double penetration, pirates Mick and Marc do hot oil with a vestal virgin, amidst foot worship, latex love, light swats, and food screwing. Realty? Perhaps. Reality?

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