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Sandi Beach

Sandi Beach Movies

Sex #3: Sex After Seven

Maybe what makes After Seven the most popular tuxedo rental company is that the delivery girls really deliver. Especially Ashlyn, who finds the tennis playing couple, Sandi and Tom, on the court, and makes it three-love. Then there's Leena, who's not as promiscuous as Ashlyn, but can take a delivery in the rear like no one's business. Actually, this business is like no one's business. Come to us for all your tuxedo needs!

Bad Girls #4: Jayebird

Randy West is the mayor. Bionca is his wife. Kelly Jaye is a sculptor who molds a bust of West and then has an affair with him. Even though Bionca is having an affair of her own, with the houseboy and the pool man, she's still angry at her wayward husband and frames poor Kelly for robbery, sending her tight little ass to the stir.

Naked Desert

You're stranded in the desert, barely conscious from a fiery collision that almost kills you. Right before your Pacer explodes, a mysterious, leggy brunette appears from nowhere and drags you to safety. Or you're stuck on a sputtering motorcycle amidst the succulents and desolation, when suddenly the same long-legged brunette is sucking you off, roadside...

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