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Stardust #7

After the alien abduction in Episode 6, we thought the Potts family had seen it all. But now, just as they're thrown into the world of tabloid television and yellow journalism, they discover something else Hollywood is know for: Bloodsuckers! And we don't mean producers. Or casti...


Stardust 5

Honey Potts, Pepper, Bubba and Poa are her in Hollywood, and Phoenix Films will never be the same! Whether it's a blow job in the back of a limo, a desktop balling in front of a shocked screenwriter, or a scorching bubblebath in a Beverly Hills hotel, these rubes are pullin' the ...


Stardust #4: Cheap Thrills

The soap opera continues, and this time there's big trouble in Hollywood. But that's where Kobe comes in, as a foxy gumshoe in stiletto heels, out to get to the bottom of the hi-jinx at The Knockers club, and with all the beautiful bottoms to choose from, she's got her work cut o...


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