Rebecca Lord Movies

Luna chick

When a patient falls in love with her therapist's boyfriend, the therapist goes a bit insane herself. And plots revenge on them both. Join Paul Thomas and adult's leading luminary, Racquel Darrian, in a tight and taut psychological thriller filled with betrayal, mistaken identity...


Big Island Blues

It's a sex fest as big as Jack Lord's Hair, as a tired director gets a final shot at abusing his actors, but they show him what that clipboard's for. Watch the surf break with the hymens, in Big Island Blues, Hawaii -- Vivid Style. Cowabangme!...


Body Language

When Nan is shut out from sex by her unappreciative husband Ted, she starts having the strangest fantasies! Throw a detective, a judge, a realtor, and a couple of mannequins into the mix and you have the wackiest adult film to come down the 'pike in years!...


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