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Suzy Cue

The Ultimate Triangle. Starring Barbi Dahl. In her farewell performance. Also starring Dana Lynn, Krista Lee, Mauvis DeNoire, Scott Paul and Buddy Love. This is the story of a new kind of billiards. Not 8-ball. Not 9-ball. Not rotation. This is the story of strip pool, and a h...



They were looking for cash in all the wrong places. Aja, Sasha, Nina DePonca- Rene Morgan. Four hot chicks on the prowl for bucks - the green kind and the male kind. And you're invited to join the hunt. First hint: The action is not in the mattress. It's on it......



The history of a beautiful looking singer, a song, and a man's hopeless obsession with each, as they become tangled in a web of intrigue that spins as sure as a disco on a turntable. And as hot as the tip of a flame. A flame named Heather. In a story called Torch....


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