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Raquel Devine

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Blame it on Savanna

Savanna's on vacation with her best girlfriend and their two teenage sons. And seeing those two young studs hitting on a couple of college girls gets them hornier then hell. So one night, Savanna pays a visit to her son's friend's bedroom and shows him the advantages of a MILF over a teen. And then there were three. Paul Thomas presents a tale of familial perversion with porn's most perverted bad girl, Savanna, and a strong runner-up, the beautiful Megan Mallone in... Blame It On Savanna. Truly about the family that plays together.

Sex Lies

What if there was a club where every pickup line worked and every girl was more gorgeous than the next? Guess what... there is. And by the way, if I told you you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

The Trophy

Two men, one woman. A triangle of greed, sex and roadmaps. Satisfy your wanderlust. Shift into Raylene.

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