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Taya's Tales

Five vignettes with your hostess Taya introducing each segment. Playing a modern day fablemaster, Taya takes the viewer on five intensely erotic fables. The Princess and The Knight. The Traveling Salesman.. The Wishing Well. The Dungeon. And Pretty in Pink. Sit back and enjoy the...


Ticket To Ride

Girls at every turn!!! Briana is an attraction you'll want to ride again and again!!! Step right up and don't be shy, because you will not believe your eyes. Chi Chi La Rue has come up with an amusement park strictly for adults. There are sexual attractions for every man, woman a...


One Good Minute

Isabel is a hooker with a heart of steel. And the only man who truly loves her is a mute janitor. Will she accept his love and have at least one good minute before she kicks the bucket... mop and all? You're about to see. In just a minute of course....


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