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Racquel Darrian

Although she was born in Kansas, she moved to California with her family when she was only 7 years old. One thing she's always been known for in this business is her shapely buns and an incredibly athletic body, which she maintains by horseback riding, swimming, dancing and working out at the gym regularly. She started in the adult entertainment business by doing magazine layouts for various publications. Once that began to die down a bit, she decided to make the switch over to films/videos. Racquel Darrian has always been an exhibitionist at heart, and having sex on camera lets her live that out while showing off her body and learning new positions! Even though she exercises every day to keep herself in shape, Racquel is a confessed junk food junkie. Besides enjoying a good meal here and there, Racquel enjoys going to the gym and riding her Harley in her rare spare time. Although she only makes 2-4 films per year for Vivid Video, she is constantly working... whether she's on the road touring at different dance clubs throughout the country or doing personal appearances, Racquel is never totally out of the public eye. Just the way she likes it!

Racquel Darrian Movies

On Trial #4: The Verdict

It happened in Oxford, Miss. It happened in Alabama, Utah, Florida and Tennessee. While the drug dealers deal and the killers kill, your government spends your tax dollars prosecuting adult video. It happened to us. It could happen to you. Vivid presents On Trial 4: Verdict. Starring beautiful Raquel Darian, with the lovely Savannah. AVN has named Vivid On Trial the best film of the year. This is the final chapter. And it ends just as it began. With a passion.

Where the Boys Aren't #5

All-new! All-girl! No bones about it!

Luna chick

When a patient falls in love with her therapist's boyfriend, the therapist goes a bit insane herself. And plots revenge on them both. Join Paul Thomas and adult's leading luminary, Racquel Darrian, in a tight and taut psychological thriller filled with betrayal, mistaken identity, and best of all, Racquel Darrian.

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