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Rachel Roxxx

Born March 2, 1983 in San Antonio, Texas, Ms. Roxxx grew up as a sexy little Hooters Girl. She loved the attention and filled her tight uniform fantastically. She thought about joining the adult business for a few years and then one day with the help of a friend in Houston, she took the naked leap.

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Working Girls

From streetwalker to moneyed mistress, every lady who's ever "worked" for a living, has a story to tell. Some are pretty, some are rough, most are sordid. Watch as Krissy lets Jon Jon take her his way in a scorching interracial. Watch as Andy San Dimas, new to the game, is eager to please her man. Watch as Nikki and Briana double-team a lucky stiff in a tryst he'll never forget. Real stories, real streets, unreal sex. It's all works, in Working Girls.

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