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No Strings

Melody is a single girl in California, and she likes it that way. She's sick of the dates from Hell and the hassles. Melody's best friend, Laura, lives in Texas and can't stop raving about her new boyfriend. In a jealous move, Melody lies and invents a boyfriend for herself to make it seem like she is just as happy as her out of state friend. But, the plan backfires, when Laura and her boyfriend come to California to meet her new "boyfriend" and in desperation, Melody asks a guy at her work that she is not that fond of to help her. But, he sees an angle to move up the corporate ladder and accepts. Will all Melody's lies finally catch up to her? Or will she pull a few strings?

Rebel Cheerleaders

The Wildcats never lose. Because of their cheerleaders, and how they play the game. Led by hot Yell Captain JR Carrington, they ball the opposing team into fatigue, leaving them thinking about pussy, not points. Join the always odd Paul Norman in his latest twisted tale, filled with letter jackets, pom-poms and pleated skirts that come off so, so easy. give a Rebel Yell.

Mind Games

Carrington and Marissa have a business that's been infiltrated by an unscrupulous FBI Agent! The Espionage is thick.. And heading straight from the Boardroom to the Bedroom! Let the games begin..

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