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Nikki Tyler

Nikki Tyler is one of the true porn success stories of the 90s -- someone who found herself a major star almost instantly upon entering the scene. The reason is clear: Nikki Tyler is absolutely gorgeous, a dream vision of the ideal California girl. With a hard, lean body and perfectly proportioned breasts, a knockout behind and a cover-girl face, she is the fantasy of most men and women. Nikki caught the acting bug while in high school, and she starred in numerous musical performances before moving on to more serious pursuits. She moved to Los Angeles to go to college, where she was studying to become a clinical psychologist, but began appearing in nude photo shoots to pay her way through school. Eventually Nikki Tyler dropped out of college, attended makeup school and landed a job doing makeup for Vivid Video.

Nikki Tyler has layouts in more than one hundred top men's magazines, including Penthouse. She worked there for a year and a half before prodding from stars like Celeste and Ashlyn Gere convinced her that she should try her luck at hardcore. Her first on-screen girl/girl scene was in American Pie, and she followed that up with a searing tryst with close friend Jenna Jameson in VR69. Nikki decided to become a full-bore pornstar and was rewarded with her own exclusive Vivid Girl contract after just those two films.

After Vivid, Nikki signed a contract with Metro Video for one year. Nikki is one of the hottest in the biz, but she left the scene after only about 30 features in 1997. Her widespread fan base was left with only their videos to remember her by. That is, until she renounced her retirement.

Nikki Tyler Movies

Oral Obsession #2: The Phone Booth

A city night...a phone booth...and a girl named Ivy who makes it her branch office. Her business is phone sex, and right now she's all work. No play. No life. No man. Except for the mysterious gigolo who's also using the booth for work...who can't seem to take his lonely eyes off this lonely operator. Presenting Nikki Tyler in Michael Zen's Oral Obsession 2: The Phone Booth. A tale of love and romance and the difficulty of making the connection...Person to person. Make sure you look for up coming movies featuring Nikki Tyler.


Nikki Tyler and friends have a bet: Any man can be bedded--if you handle him correctly. Including car salesmen, writers and politicians. Who'll win the bet? You guessed it - You!


Blythe loves Becca... and would follow her to the ends of the Earth -- or at least to Pleasureland, a land where erotic dreams occur in the flesh. So when Becca deserts Blythe unexpectedly, that's the first place she looks: Pleasureland. Jim Enright presents Penthouse center spread Nikki Tyler along with Penthouse covergirl Lexus in a story about a place in your soul where love takes you away, and lust takes you back. You are now entering the land of Pleasure. Your visa is your heart.

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