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Panty Raid

Dasha's earning her marks... Dasha and her girlfriends live in a house on campus. Imagine their surprise when gift bags with sexy panties start showing up! What does it mean? Who are they from? Perhaps these frat brats might know... or perhaps word's out that one of the girls squirts like a firehose! Adult's most awarded director Paul Thomas relives his college fantasies and then some in Panty Raid. You'll magna cum loudly.


Thou shalt covet. It's a private party, but everyone is cumming. Running away from her boring marriage, Savanna samples the wild side of the bedroom... and the living room, and the hallway stairs. But it's a fling with a sting, when she returns home to find her husband has had the same idea. Instead of letting his infidelity get her down, she gets herself down, and dirty that is, with multiple partners at a crowded party. Now her little affair has become a social affair and she couldn't be happier.

Loving Taylor

On a drunken bender, Randy has his girlfriend's name "Taylor" tattooed on his dick. Now he's broken up with her and he needs to find a member of the opposite sex to match the member opposite his sack...preferably one named Taylor.

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