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Nici Sterling

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Wife Taker

A story of lust and murder and all the wives in between. Adults most awarded director, Paul Thomas presents Vivid's brightest star in film noir.


Julia and Daniel are married lovers, cheating on their respective spouses for some three years. Until they decide to make it official. They head to Mexico to celebrate their new-found freedom. And find a land over the border and over the line. A town obsessed with sex, devoid of any pretense of propriety, and home to "The Lost Passage," where absolutely every erotic fantasy is fulfilled. Join adult's most important director Paul Thomas in the film many critics are calling his greatest achievement to date. Borderline. The line is drawn. We dare you to cross.

Night Nurses

Times are tough at the Sisters of Mercy hospital. Cutback have hit every department. And the first to go are the subsidies for student nurses. But the nurses come up with an ingenious solution. At night they become Night Nurses. Check into intensive, as Toni English discovers that these days the beds have to be filled, and the patients have to be satisfied. And with Asia Carrera as your therapist, you know you'll be having more than your tonsils pulled. The doctor will see you now. The Night Nurses will see you tonight.

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