Nakita Kash Movies

The Alley

Something weird is in the air. Like a scene from night gallery. Sharon Kane is our host on a trip to the weird and unexplainable. The Alley is five of Chi Chi LaRues twisted visions of sexual deviancy all an alley of course. There's a Vegas show girl, and mugger, an...


Savanna Scores

Chi Chi LaRue presents a tale of an everyday sexual education teacher, who practices "hands on" learning. Course study includes sex in public places, sex and food and encourages "extra credit". It's Savanna Scores from Vivid Video. And you'll never believe what happens when Savan...


Portrait of Sunrise

Sunrise is posing for art students at one of the nation's premiere academy's. But there's a problem. Every budding Picasso is desperately in love with her. Vivid presents a new superstar: Sunrise. She'll draw you out....


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