Michelle Michaels Movies

Being Jenna

There's nothing quite like Being Jenna. The glamor, the stardom, the sex and the sex. In this diary-style, day-in-the-life, we follow around the porn's biggest star, learn her secrets, hear of her desires, and see several of them acted out...with toys and facials to match. Jenna....


Jenna's Gallery Blue

For your consideration--Jenna Jameson--gorgeous and standing in a black room with black windows. A black void if you will. Witnessing a surreal gallery of pure sexual debauchery, including her own long-awaited reunion with Vivid superstar Cassidey. Jenna's Gallery Blue. Where eve...


Gloves Off

Alyssa's a trash talking tomboy with a secret. Tommy is the man who loves her. But if he finds out Ayssa used to be a Vivid Girl, it could ruin everything. What's a kick-ass kick boxer do? Here's a hint: When the gloves come off, so do the clothes......


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