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Michael Knight

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Oral Addiction

Oral addiction comes one mouthful at a time.

Party House

Fish looses his mortgage money in a poker game and is forced to rent out his house to porno producers to get himself even again. Big mistake. After the end of the third day of shooting. Fish's house is upside down, his roomate's girlfriend is in scene two, and the Neighborhood. Watch is writing Washington. Is it The Toni English Story or House Party, a new Jenteal film from Wave? We'll let you decide.

The Show

Steven St. Croix is a talk show host who's behind-the-scenes antics are even more of a variety show than than his onstage schtick. And with his dim-witted sidekick sleazoid producer at his side, every show is The Show of Shows. But when Christy Canyon and Jenteal show up to plug, the special guest couch heats up to fever pitch as The Show reaches a stage never before seen on national television. It's Christy Canyon in her latest, a la Vivid Film.

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