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The startlingly beautiful Malezia signed an exclusive acting contract with Vivid Entertainment in early 2004 when she was just 19. At the time, she had just finished a successful two-year run as a mainstream advertising and television model. She decided to begin her adult film career at the urging of fans, who shared her life on her own Website. Born in Calgary and raised in eastern Canada, the French-speaking Malezia has luxurious dark brown hair and a slender figure with perfect proportions. Her beguiling looks reveal traces of her French Canadian, Egyptian and Asian ancestry. Even as she joined Vivid she had begun receiving offers to be in music videos, and as a result she got busy polishing her hip-hop dancing skills. She would like one day to go to law school and become a litigation attorney.

Malezia Movies

X Marks The Spot

An inside look at the business of pleasure. Take a picture. It'll last longer. Ever wanted to know the real dirt about the porn industry? \"X Marks The Spot,\" from director Chi Chi La Rue, is a behind-the-scenes vignette tape where the actors and actresses discuss the adult business. From a pair of strippers in an arcade to a woman who does private Polaroid's and picture shows. From phone sex operators to a street walker. And from two performers on an adult set that reveal that all of the work isn't all acting. Beautiful Vivid Girl Malezia receives her first on screen facial. Now THAT really is doing your research behind-the-scenes!!!

The 6th Trick

The joy of six. A bizarre odyssey of sexual voyeurism is the dramatic backdrop for Vivid's latest exploration of the games marrieds play. Join Vivid's most exotic superstar Malezia and our hottest new find, Monique Alexander in this mind-play, consisting of six tricks, and the hard and nasty sex that comes from the street. The 6th Trick. Enjoy it. With an escort, perhaps.

Deep In Malezia

Do not let her sweet smile and innocent look fool you. Vivid's new contract girl, Malezia, has a lot on her mind. Deep In Malezia invites you on a trip where you learn how she gives her all for her job. Go on a sexy shopping trip, and you'll learn the right way how to misbehave in a sex club. Plus, learn how she keeps her boyfriends coming back for more. It's a sexy trip that you may never want to leave.

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