Madison Movies

The LandLady

A tale of lust, passion, murder, and mayhem. All in an apartment building owned and operated by a mad women. Hyapatia lee, Sonny McKay, Ameiko, and Madison star in "The Land Lady." Vivid's latest foray into the world of erotic and the insane....


House Of Sleeping Beauties

We've made the film of your dreams. Literally. Imagine a place where you could sleep next to the woman of your dreams. And dream your most erotic thoughts. And awaken fully satisfied. Welcome to The House of Sleeping Beauties. Where you'll be laying beside Jamie Summers or Savann...


Designer Genes

She'll freeze your sperm and warm your heart. An aging matinée idol faced with his own mortality tries to find everlasting life and maybe a little passion at- where else- the sperm bank. Where he runs into a nurse named Jennifer Stewart. And the rest is history- Medical history. ...


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