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Luscious Lopez

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Chemistry 2

Director Tristan Taormino takes eight new porn stars to a secluded house for 36 hrs. Each is strong-willed, each is unique and the only thing they have in common is they work in adult. As they get to know each other, what happens is completely up to them; they make the decisions. They know in advance who they'll have sex with, but when, where and how is totally their call. The action is fast and spontaneous, the hook-ups explosive. In between sex scenes, castmates go into a private "confessional," where they speak openly and honestly-- about being in porn, relationships, fantasies, and their fellow castmates. Some revelations are deeply personal, others unexpectedly provocative. And the "Perv Cam" is always available for any cast member to shoot anything he or she wants, no matter how intimate. Chemistry 2...the experiment continues.

Out of Place

When a very white couple gets lost in a very wrong brown neighborhood, they stop at the local cholo bar for directions. And they get directions alright... directions on how to suck off a gangsta while his friends flip their shanks and toss down Cervezas. It's dangerous sex - Latino style - with the very white Lexie Marie and that hot, skinny Monique Alexander, learning the ropes. Take a ride on the wild side in Chuck Lord's Out Of Place. Or should we call it \"In Their Place,\" because that's just where these superstars get put.

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