Leslie Glass Movies

Blonde Justice #3

Janine is a dancer in the Blonde Justice Bar. She is also the most beautiful woman on this planet. And every barfly knows it, especially April. April it seems, has just left her Wall Streeter husband, moved to California and longs to experience the joys of lesbianism. But she ...


Where the Boys Aren't #11

Janine and Dy create a private club akin to new wave clubs of Japan, where suave men "host' beautiful women. Only in Janine's club, the "men" are butched up women, and the sex is all girl/girl......



Janine, from a small town in the Midwest, is thrown into the fast lane of Malibu blue. Blue ocean, blue skies, and especially blue women. She discovers an extraordinary lady named Leslie Glass, literally straight off the pages of Penthouse. And they head straight into bed, for so...


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