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Lene Hefner

Raised in a strict Southern Baptist household in a small Missouri town, Lene Hefner moved to Los Angeles, where her striking looks and terrific body got her a job with the Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad for the Los Angeles Raiders football team. Her celebrity as a Raiderette, in turn, got her work posing for layouts in several mens magazines, such as Playboy and Penthouse. A chance meeting with adult-film star Amber Lynn at an AIDS benefit led her to think about a career in the adult-film business, and she took the plunge, making her first video in 1993. When her family discovered what her new career entailed, they disowned her. In addition to her adult-film work, she has also appeared in several "mainstream" films. She took a few years away from the business, but in 1997 returned and has been making films steadily since then.

Lene Hefner Movies


Lene is experiencing temporary insanity. She's a temp on loan to an interior design firm. Soon her brazen sexuality begins to drive away clients and eventually she drives a wedge between the man and woman who owns the business. Austin Ellison, of popular Forever Young fame, presents his vision of sex and work and the conflicts that start around the water cooler and end in a flurry of bedroom passion. Lene. Tina Tyler. Rebecca Bardoux. Asia Carrera. One more tempting than the other. Ah...the joys of secs.


A scientist blows his face off in an experiment gone awry. His girfriend leaves him. He rebuilds his face and becomes irresistible to any woman. Including the girl who left him. Paul Thomas presents Mask, a classic beauty/beast tale.


Lene is a model studying to be a detective. The friendly Buck is a gumshoe already. To help her get acquainted with the job, Buck lets Lene help out on a murder-1 case -- The victim being a model herself! Lene gets a feel for the work. And for Ariel and for Vanessa Chase. Asia gets a feel for Buck. Isis gets a feel for Jonathan. Shelby gets a feel for Ian. And Leena gets an anal feel for Jonathan! Got a Feel for Supermodel?

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