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Lela Star

Weighing in at a mere 87 pounds, Lela Star is an exotic petite damsel. Like most other pornstars, Lela worked her way up the star ladder doing hardcore gonzo. Lela's sexy curves coupled with her adorable personality make her an instant favorite among the list. Lela Star reportedly has a considerable amount of "taboo" material produced. One of her more common genres is interracial, but Lela doesn't shy away from any opportunity.

Lela Star Movies

King Cobra

It's a full throttle joyride through the American wasteland...where the bikers are bad and the biker bitches are badder! King Cobra barrels along at breakneck speed with ultra sexy Lanny Barby as the leader of the gir-lgang who corrupts the not so innocent blonde creampuff (played by the outrageous Page Morgan). This movie will excite you with extra large doses of rough sex, spitting, slapping, swearing, mud, sand, booze, fire breathing, and an authentic biker orgy. King Cobra is about the nomads of the outer limits, and dirty girls on clean machines who are hungry for the taste of sex...and burning rubber!

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