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Blythe loves Becca... and would follow her to the ends of the Earth -- or at least to Pleasureland, a land where erotic dreams occur in the flesh. So when Becca deserts Blythe unexpectedly, that's the first place she looks: Pleasureland. Jim Enright presents Penthouse center spre...


Trouble Maker

Asia and Eric are newlyweds. On their honeymoon, they take on a partner of another sort. Celeste...troublemaker. The mind games are as hot as the sex play. Celeste, Tammi and Asia go at it with an anal bullet. Laura Palmer and Asia make love on a pool table. Celeste takes Eric...


Temporary Positions

Janine has just started in her new job at a software giant. And the very first thing the big boss wants is to merge with'er. Until he discovers files are missing. Bytes. Programs...but if a beautiful temp can use he willy, wicked ways to find a thief, who's to stop her? The answe...


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