Krista Maze Movies

Show & Tell

Find out how wonderfully uninhibited a fox can be, as you learn the secrets that motivate young girls to get naked and nasty for a director, a crew and a camera. Showing and telling with Kobe are cute Stephanie Swift, darling blondes Lexi and Julie, sultry Sindee Coxx, hot Krista...


Dangerous Games

The director's a little too involved with his leading lady and his wife's into head trips. The leading man's a cheating stud and the crew would rather sabotage the production than set up a light. All parts of Dangerous Games, starring Vivid's quick rising blond beauty Jenteal. ...


Domination Nation #1

It's the not-too-distant future, when women rule the world and their angry Alpha Leader Christy is looking for wild, lost men to hunt down and have her way with. The only problem is once they're spent, they're dead. Because this is post-Armageddon and men die once they climax...u...


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