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Initially known by the names Desert Rose and Desert Storm, after signing up with Vivid Video she changed her name to, who we now know as, Kody. Kody is a sweet Californian born on April 3, 1983. With her sexy smile and a tiny frame, Kody quickly blew onto the big screen in adult entertainment.

Kody Movies

Night Stick

Max and Maxine are on their honeymoon, when Maxine develops a case of amnesia, and can't quite remember being married. Max tells a tale of a lustful weekend in Vegas that leads to a quick marriage. Suddenly Maxine begins to remember of all things a store robbery. An assault on a police officer, and a suspicious husband. How does it turn out? Press play and find out!

Any Dorm In A Storm

Down on her luck, erotica writer Kira takes a job managing the Hollywood hostel. Little did she know that each room here tells a story - each room a different venue for sexual escapades. And Kira just might meet more than she can handle from one mysterious guest who comes to her while she sleeps.

Center Stage

April is an actress who just can't get a break. So how does a nice, pretty girl get noticed? Adult movies, of course. But April finds out fast that it's "harder" than it looks. But leaving the business is just as hard as getting into it. Could it all be a nightmare? Life is a stage when Kody is Center Stage.

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