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Kobe Tai

This energetic beauty was born November 4th, 1971 in Taiwan,. Kobe Tai has a Chinese and Japanese heritage. With long black hair and dazzling eyes, she is best known for her bubbly personality and great enthusiasm. Kobe broke into the adult industry in 1996 under the names "Blake" and "Brooke Young" and she received rave reviews for her abilities. Vivid recognized her talents right away and wasted no time signing her to a contract. Besides the many movies you may have seen Kobe in, including Peter Berg's "Very Bad Things", you may have also caught her dancing on stage at the 2000 Grammy's with Raylene during Kid Rock's performance.

Kobe Tai Movies

Jenna Loves Kobe

Jenna Jameson. Kobe Tai. Two of Adult's all-time hottest superstars are finally united in the ultra-sexy Justin Sterling production of Jenna Loves Kobe.


Kobe Tai and Julian play a loving couple who go on a getaway weekend with another couple to a beautiful mansion. But as the night progresses they learn that they are not alone. It seems that the mansion is the home of some very beautiful and horny ghosts.

Couples #1

Kobe says "Doin" it with friends is what it's all about. Sindee says "My ex was jealous...and That's whey he's my ex". When Leanna met Eric, she said she acted. She didn't say "Like a Slut". Couples. They tell all. They do everything. Has there ever been a feature like it? Get Real. This film takes a look at real life porn star couples who talk about what it's like to date someone in the business. You'll learn about the ups and downs of relationships in the adult world and you'll get to see these couples give an intimate performance on camera!

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