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Kira Kener

Half Norwegian, half Vietnamese, Kira Kener's strikingly exotic looks served to get her foot in the door in the strip-club scene in North Carolina, where she started out when she was in her early 20s. Those looks, and a fresh boob job, garnered her a following on the strip club circuit. She soon came to the realization that the exposure of being a porn star would do even more to help her stripping career, so on a trip to Los Angeles in 1999 she contacted Vivid Video, one of the largest adult-film production companies, and was signed as an exclusive Vivid Girl. She made her hardcore debut later that year. Her main focus is on her career as a top stripper, but she regularly travels back to Los Angeles to shoot a few videos just to keep her name, among other things, in her fans' minds.

Kira Kener Movies

Where the Boys Aren't #17

Fly the furry skies. There's no cock in this cockpit. When porn's most famous superstar takes to the furry skies, Vagiterian Air, all pussy breaks loose!!! It's the wildest, wettest WTBA yet, with Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Savanna Samson, Sunrise Adams, Chloe Jones, Kira Kener, Dasha, Taya, and more!!! Forget about The Mile High Club... you're about to enter the mile long club!!! It's Where The Boys Aren't 17... and if you're into pink, this one's comin' at you with a tail wind you won't believe!!!

Les Bitches

Paul Thomas presents the tale of three bitches. One has just fallen in love. With herself. One thinks she's better than the other two, and the third's the rich bitch who can buy and sell the whole gang. Eventually they get their comeuppance... "come" being the operative word. Including one searing Kira anal and nine big scenes with loads of facials! It's one bitch session you won't soon forget.

Last Girl Standing

Only the hot survive. Paul Thomas presents a Vivid spectacular. Seven Vivid Superstars vie for a major role in a new international cable TV series, each showcasing their particular erotic skills. It's star against star in a cat fight cattle call that culminates in a grudge orgy beyond your wildest dreams. Seven Vivid Superstars out to prove their sex!!! An anal odyssey.

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