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Viewer Discretion

Vivid presents a Monty Python-style parody of one producer's beloved proper serial that becomes a showcase for porn right under his stuffy British nose! From French new wave to old silent movies to a porno commercial for a home decorating show. Every style is skewered and screwed...


Gold Digger

When a wealthy man seemingly dies, he leaves all his money to four women he was involved with. The only catch: they have to live in peace under one roof. If he could only see them now... fighting, cheating and besmirching his name. But then again, do we really know he can't?...



When Dasha becomes delusional, nobody's shy. Suffering from multiple personalities, Dasha videotapes herself and finds she's living multiple fantasies as well. The delusions include a pimp, hookers, two men in a shower, a bank teller and a milk bath with Briana Banks. Chi Chi LaR...


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