Kelsey Heart Movies

Thrills #2

The inmates are running the asylum. Fortunately. And Kira's powerful father is about to make his presidential bid. Can Kira be silenced until the poles close? Or will her insatiable insanity be his undoing? Find a room and throw away the key! Thrills 2 is here!...


Shoe Store

Ever notice how erotic a shoe store is... the smell of leather and oils wafting through the air... long legs stretching out to rest in the arms of the salesman as he gently slips those beautiful feet into the tightest of spaces... Cheyenne did. And the rest is video history. (Not...


Strip Bowling

When the girls league challenges the boys league to a game of strip bowling, there's a lot of ball polishing and more than a few splits... as Cheyenne proves what everyone always thought... she's an alley cat at heart!...


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