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Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine was born on July 3, 1984. Growing up in Pennsylvania, after graduating from high school she went to beauty school, completed cosmetology school, obtained her license and began working in a salon for 6 months. Soon enough she realized it wasn't for her. Kelly began modeling by working with photographers, who helped her build a portfolio and get more work. At first Kelly was shooting internet, lingerie, and swimsuit modeling. From there she graduated to webcam shows - chatting and occasionally stripping naked. At the age of 23 she decided to try out porn and three years later Kelly says she still loves her job.

Kelly Divine Movies

Clerks XXX: A Porn Parody

Dana is unhappy with her station in life...and her job as a smut-jockey in a porno store. She's juggling with an ex who cheats and a new boyfriend who's sexuality is a bit more than she can handle. Now she's working on her one day off, dealing with smartass co-worker Randi, a riot of anti-condom crusaders, some customers who can't resist coming all over the peep booths, a gerbil-loving customer, and guy who eats his own cum...and lets you know it. Will she make it through the day, or finally make a change?

Working Girls

From streetwalker to moneyed mistress, every lady who's ever "worked" for a living, has a story to tell. Some are pretty, some are rough, most are sordid. Watch as Krissy lets Jon Jon take her his way in a scorching interracial. Watch as Andy San Dimas, new to the game, is eager to please her man. Watch as Nikki and Briana double-team a lucky stiff in a tryst he'll never forget. Real stories, real streets, unreal sex. It's all works, in Working Girls.


It's Vivid's biggest video ever! Shot on location, on track, in the real world of championship racing!

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