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Julie Rage

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Bad Girls 10

Not Guilty. But Hardly Innocent!


Vivid presents an apartment complex with three stories. Chasey's "Angel," a new tenant who catches the eye of Vince. Kirsty and Bobby just moved in, and Julie over in 3B can't get her husband away from the TV. This is the world of "Viewpoint," where everyone's watching someone, and no one knows quite who. In other words, if the blinds are open a peek, you can bet someone's peeking. Viewpoint. You'll never hear a peep...

Show & Tell

Find out how wonderfully uninhibited a fox can be, as you learn the secrets that motivate young girls to get naked and nasty for a director, a crew and a camera. Showing and telling with Kobe are cute Stephanie Swift, darling blondes Lexi and Julie, sultry Sindee Coxx, hot Krista Maze, foxy Gina Rome and many more. They've never been shy. But now they're really opening up. It's Show and Tell. Only from Vivid.

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